A tourist protects herself from the sun in Cordoba / EFE

Aemet activates yellow and amber warnings for high temperatures in Andalucía

Six of the region’s eight provinces will have weather alerts in place on Wednesday


Spain’s state meteorological agency, Aemet, plans to activate yellow and amber level warnings for high temperatures throughout Andalucía except in the provinces of Huelva and Malaga, this Wednesday, 3 August.

Specifically, high temperature alerts will be activated in the provinces of Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Jaén and Seville at 1pm and they will remain in place until 9.59pm.

In the western areas of Almeria and the city there is a warning for temperatures of up to 38 degrees, while inland in Cadiz a similar maximum temperature is forecast.

In Cordoba province, the highest temperature in Andalucía is expected in the countryside with up to 41 degrees forecast, and there are warnings for 39 degrees in the Sierra and Pedroches and in the Subbética of Cordoba.

In Granada, an alert is expected to be issued in the Genil Basin for a maximum of 38 degrees, while in Jaén there will be temperatures of up to 40 degrees in Morena and Condado and in the Guadalquivir Valley, as well as maximums of 39 degrees in Cazorla and Segura and in the city and Montes. Finally, the province of Seville expects maximum temperatures of up to 40 degrees in the countryside.