Pressure piles on Al-Thani as date is set for BlueBay case

Shatat with Al-Thani in 2014.
Shatat with Al-Thani in 2014. / Álvaro Cabrera
  • Former club vice president Moayad Shatat will also press charges for damage the sheikh's accusations caused to his "honour and dignity"

The trial for the so-called BlueBay case will begin on 4 December this year.

The BlueBay hotel group is demanding that the conditions of a contract, which it signed with the Sheikh Al-Thani and his collaborators in 2013, be honoured. The group is claiming “co-ownership of the 97 per cent shares in the club” and “control of the club to implement a viable and sustainable project for the future”.

Al-Thani, for his part, says BlueBay never complied with the conditions of the contract, rendering it invalid.

The trial was originally due to start two years ago before Al-Thani's lawyers lodged a criminal complaint for falsehood and misappropriation against former Malaga CF directors Abdullah Ghubn and Moayad Shatat, and the head of BlueBay, Jamal Iglesias, a day prior to the preliminary hearing. This put the trial on hold but now these complaints have been officially shelved, it can resume this December.

Shatat versus the sheikh

The aforementioned Moayad Shatat, now cleared of the accusations made against him by the sheikh, is seeking to repair the damage caused to his “honour and dignity” by the “serious accusations” made against him.

“I have kept quiet out of respect for the justice system,” said Shatat. “But now the time has arrived for me to defend myself.”

According to the sheikh's former right-hand man, he only wants to protect his public image and any damages awarded would be given to a local charity.