Embassy produces short videos to help British residents in Spain prepare for Brexit

Simon Manley at an event with residents in Madrid last week.
Simon Manley at an event with residents in Madrid last week. / EFE
  • In an open letter at the end of last week, the ambassador Simon Manley said that leaving the EU under the Withdrawal Agreement and leaving without a deal were still possibilities

The British embassy in Madrid has released a series of short videos to help British citizens residents in Spain to prepare for Brexit.

The videos, which can be viewed via Facebook and YouTube, explain issues such as registration and residency, driving licences, healthcare, travel and pensions.

After last week's agreed extension of Article 50, the British ambassador Simon Manley sent out an open letter to British citizens resident in Spain. He explained how, following the delay granted by the European Council on Thursday night, the date of the UK's exit from the EU could be 22 May or 12 April.

The former would only be the case if Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is passed by the House of Commons this week, something that on Monday seemed more and more unlikely as the prime minister accepted that she still did not have enough support.

If the deal is not passed, the date set by the European Council for the Withdrawal is 12 April, explained the ambassador.

The Council did leave the door open, however, for the UK to ask for a longer extension, but this would mean holding EU elections in May, an eventuality that the ambassador did not contemplate in his letter.

"I understand that all this is unsettling for many of you. You want to know on what terms and when the UK is going to leave the EU," said Manley.

"As the situations develops, I and our consular teams across Spain will, of course, keep you updated.

"But for now, please ensure you know how to prepare for Brexit by signing up for our Living in Spain guide on and by joining our Brits in Spain Facebook community, where you can watch our videos on what you need to do to prepare, deal or no deal, for our departure from the European Union," he finished.