Investigators probe death of Ana Julia's daughter in 1996 and other parts of her past

Ana Julia Quezada.
Ana Julia Quezada. / EFE
  • The woman's first daughter fell to her death from a window in Burgos

The past life of Ana Julia Quezada, who came to Spain in 1992, has been a source of much speculation since she was found with Gabriel's body in the boot of her car. Investigators had already been informed by locals in Burgos, northern Spain, that Ana Julia's two-year-old daughter had died falling from a window of a block of flats in 1996.

The judge at the time ruled misadventure however the files are being re-examined in an attempt to understand her motives for Gabriel's killing. Police have suggested it was jealousy of her boyfriend's child.

The daughter of a previous partner of Ana Julia's has also come forward to claim she conned the family out of money.