Mayors in Antequera area join forces against a"senseless" new bottling plant

The concerned mayors.
The concerned mayors. / A. J.
  • The company behind the project says the water to be used for bottling is independent from the deposits that supply the surrounding towns and that the plant will create 100 jobs

The controversy over the new bottling plant in the Sierra de Camarolos is continuing. Earlier this week, mayors from the area met at the site to make a stand against the project and to demand that it is stopped.

"It is senseless," said the mayor of Villanueva del Rosario, Juan González, who was accompanied by his counterparts from Villanueva del Trabuco (José María García), Colmenar (José Martín), Alfarnate (Juan Jesús Gallardo), Alfarnatejo (Daniel Benítez) and a councillor from Casabermeja (Jaime Montiel).

All these villages suffer problems with water supplies, and the councils are angry that a company has been given permission to exploit the aquifers when there is already not enough water to go round. They say they are prepared to take legal action if they do not receive a full guarantee that their supplies will not be affected. They are also in discussion with a platform which opposes the plant.

The company behind the bottling plant project, Inversiones Domago, responsed to the protests by saying that water from the aquifers used to supply the surrounding towns was not going to be used.

"It's an independent body of water and is not connected to the current water reserves that supply the towns. There is technical evidence and reports that show that these bodies of water are independent," said the company's manager, Ramón Martínez.

He added that the plant, which is within the municipality of Antequera but just a kilometre away from Villanueva del Rosario, would create 100 jobs and involved an investment of 15 million euros. The plant is expected to open at the end of the year.