Concern over plans to repeal decree which recognises illegal houses

SOHA President Phillip Smalley and spokesperson Mario Blancke.
SOHA President Phillip Smalley and spokesperson Mario Blancke. / SUR
  • SOHA have reacted with "anger" to an article published in a digital newspaper that claimed the government is disputing a regional law

Save Our Homes Axarquía (SOHA) have voiced their "anger" after seeing an article written for Spain's El Confidencial digital newspaper published last week, which claimed that Pedro Sánchez's government was considering a jurisdictional conflict which could repeal a decree to regularize many of the province's illegal homes.

The conflict could end up in Spain's constitutional court if an agreement between the regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, and central government, isn't reached in the next few months.

Recognition for illegal houses

The decree in dispute was passed by the Junta de Andalucía in mid September and allows almost 70,000 illegal homes in the region to be recognised by the Andalusian government and be registered in order to receive services such as mains water and electricity.

SOHA spokesperson and Alcaucín councillor Mario Blancke said last week that the decree had been approved "thanks to wide consensus" and with the support of the regional PSOE party.

President of the collective Phillip Smalley added that if the houses have to be demolished, town halls would be obliged to pay compensation to the owners and asked, "Which town halls have that much public money to pay that many people?"

Smalley and Blancke have called on the regional PSOE party to mediate with their central government colleagues to find a solution and have asked for the current Andalusian government formed by the PP and Ciudadanos parties to share "information about the deal which was signed with the central government".