Construction of Antequera dry port will begin next year

The official presentation took place this week.
The official presentation took place this week. / ANTONIO J. GUERRERO
  • The first stage will cost 46 million euros, partly financed by the regional government, and take two years to complete

The Junta de Andalucía plans to start building the first phase of the dry port in Antequera next summer and says the construction will take two years to complete. This phase will cover 102.26 of the total of 392 hectares, strategically located near Bobadilla train station.

This stage of the project will cost 46 million euros and will be financed by the Public Ports Agency of Andalucía (43.26 per cent) and the Puerto Seco de Antequera company (56.74 per cent). The Junta has already assigned 13 million euros from its 2020 budget for the scheme.

The information was provided by the president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, at the official presentation of the project to 400 guests at the Torcal Municipal Theatre in Antequera. Those present included the town's mayor, Manuel Barón, the president of the Malaga provincial government, Francisco Salado, and regional ministers Elías Bendodo and Marifrán Carazo.

Juanma Moreno explained that the project will play a fundamental role among the 11 logistical areas of Andalucía and it will include the construction of a railway terminal linked to the Andalusian port system, the dry port and areas for transformation logistics and other uses.

"This project is going to create an unprecedented change to the logistics sector in Andalucía and it will be a benchmark for others," he said.

He also stressed that the initiative will create jobs and generate wealth for the region. "The dry port presents a future of possibilities, opening up Andalucía to the rest of Spain, Europe and the world."