Tourism brought in 7 billion to the Costa this summer

Tourism brought in 7 billion to the Costa this summer
  • The figure is a 6.3% rise from last year

The tourist industry contributed 7.12 billion euros to the local economy this summer. President of Turismo Costa del Sol, Elías Bendodo and Luis Callejón Suñé from the Costa del Sol hoteliers association revealed that the Costa del Sol attracted 7 million tourists, who spent 459 million euros between June and September this year, a 6.3% rise from last year.

Bendodo played down the drop in Spanish tourists in the holiday destination this year. The number of Spanish hotel guests fell by 8.6%, which Bendodo attributes to the appeal of international markets. “In times of economic recovery, Spanish people prefer to travel outside of the country. This is the only explanation”.

The Costa del Sol experienced an increase of 7% in British tourists, 19% in German tourists, 21% in northern European tourists, 32% in Dutch tourists, and 42% in Swiss tourists.

Suñé insisted that overall the business figures are positive, even though this summer registered 13.9 million stays, 0.6% lower than previous years due to the increase in reservations for tourist holiday apartments, for which there are no official statistics.

In the final stages of the year, Suñé hopes to maintain this tourism growth and reported that the airport is expecting to see an increase of 12% in passengers between November and January and is sure that the Costa will recover from the problems caused by the collapse of some low-cost airlines.