Malaga’s olive oil giant enjoys increased worldwide success

Dcoop now handles 250,000 tonnes of olive oil every year
Dcoop now handles 250,000 tonnes of olive oil every year / SUR
  • Antequera-based Dcoop, which produces more oil than Italy, Greece and Tunisia combined, has reported an increase of almost 14%in its exports in 2016

Olive oil from a Malaga province-based company is reaching the four corners of the planet like never before.

Locally-based Dcoop this week reported a surge in exports of 13.6 per cent in 2016 and now sends produce overseas with a value of almost 490 million euros.

The cooperative, based in Antequera, sells produce including olive oil, wine, olives, goat’s milk, sauces and vinegar to 69 countries. Three quarters of the sales are of olive oil.

Heading the list of countries receiving produce is Italy (where some oil is then resold to other markets) followed by Russia, the US, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Exports now make up almost half the total sales of just over 1 billion euros annually.

New growth

While Dcoop, and Spanish oil exports generally, have traditionally been mostly in bulk for bottling elsewhere, the cooperative has been investing in other product lines. Wine is now the biggest export in terms of liquid volume thanks to the merger with Castilla- La Mancha’s Baco wine cooperative.

Table olives are also a growing sector and the company last week unveiled its new plant dedicated to them Mollina. Exports reached 69 million euros in 2016, with the USheading the list.

Dcoop buys from 150 smaller cooperatives covering 75,000 families in various parts of Spain and is world leader in olive oil production, making more than all of Italy, Greece and Tunisia combined.