German biologist publishes updated atlas of marine life off the shores of the Costa

Karl Ludwig-Schick, marine biologist and author of the book, Atlas Submarino de la Costa del Sol.
Karl Ludwig-Schick, marine biologist and author of the book, Atlas Submarino de la Costa del Sol. / SUR
  • The author worked as a head teacher in Marbella and is also known for his 1995 discovery of a new species of sea slug

German marine biologist and Malaga resident, Karl Ludwig-Schick, has recently published an updated version of his marine life atlas of the Costa del Sol (Atlas Submarino de la Costa del Sol), in English, Spanish and German.

Ludwig-Schick said, "It's certainly daring in Corona times to make sense of the lockdown by tackling the reissue of a popular underwater guide."

He went on to say, "But it may also be just the right time to draw attention to a unique habitat while humans stop to breathe and nature recovers."

The 2020 version has been updated to include up-to-date scientific terms and has almost 200 more photographs than the original book.

This version has 562 colour photographs which illustrate information about the province's marine life, including an invasive brown algae, Rugulopterix okamurae, which brought fishing in Marbella and Estepona to a standstill in the summer of 2019.

The Pelagia noctiluga, known as the fire jellyfish, whose mass presence in recent years has repeatedly led to the closure of entire stretches of beach on the Costa del Sol, is also featured.

Ludwig-Schick spent almost 10 years as a biology and chemistry teacher as well as deputy and headmaster at the German school in Marbella, before returning to the city of Baden in Germany where he continued to teach for 18 years.

The marine biologist also spent three years in Kenya where he studied water samples as well as the livelihoods of the country's flamingo colonies.

Sea slug discovery

Ludwig-Schick is an experienced scuba diver, having qualified 30 years ago while living in Marbella.

He is also known for the discovery of a new species of sea slug in Marbella while deputy headmaster of the German School.

He and friends from the diving club C.O.I.S. in Marbella had been taking photographs using special underwater equipment for many years. However, they started to concentrate on macro photography due to poor visibility, which led to the discovery of the Marbella sea slug in the Torre del Cable area in May 1995.

In fact the scientist was presented with an award in 2018 by the C.O.I.S diving club in Marbella as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations.

On retirement two years ago, Ludwig-Schick returned to Malaga and now lives in Coín.