Murder Mystery and the Costa's good image

Aniston and Sandler in the Netflix production.
Aniston and Sandler in the Netflix production. / NETFLIX
  • Costa del Sol tourist board said that the Netflix film offered a distorted portrayal of the province

A few weeks ago, Costa del Sol tourist board expressed its "surprise" at the image of Malaga portrayed in the Netflix film Murder Mystery. It said that the movie offered a distorted portrayal of the province when the protagonists, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, are received at the airport by a bus from the 60s and a dancing gypsy. For this reason, they invited the producers of the film to visit the coast and get to know the area properly.

In the opinion of Fresco Film producer Peter Welter Soler (Game of Thrones and Warrior Nun), the controversy is unjustified as the tourist board has given only a partial view of the film. In the following scenes, the couple get on a luxury yacht that offers an idyllic view of the coast of Malaga.

"I've just returned from Los Angeles, where the film has been a great success, and when I said I was from Malaga everyone told me about the film and how spectacular the coast was," says the producer.

Welter explains that the criticism of the gypsy scene and the bus comes from "not having understood the character of Sandler, who is stingy and therefore hires the cheapest tourist service, but then accepts the invitation for a luxury yacht vacation which shows that impressive image of Malaga". Murder Mystery got 31 million streams on Netflix in its first three days; the paradox is that neither the image of the airport nor those of the Costa del Sol were shot in the province, but in Italy.