John Lennon visited Spain several times during the 1960s

  • Lennon went on a two-week vacation in Torremolinos in 1963

As part of their European tour in 1965, The Beatles played two sellout performances in Spain. The first was held in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on 2 July. They ended the tour the following day with a performance at the La Monumental bullring in Barcelona.

Prior to the recording of Sgt Pepper, John Lennon headed to Almeria in 1967 to complete the filming of a black comedy called How I Won the War.

During his stay in Almeria, Lennon rented a villa called Santa Isabel. The wrought-iron gates and surrounding vegetation bore similarities to Strawberry Field, a Salvation Army garden near Lennon’s childhood home. Lennon wrote the song Strawberry Fields Forever, while filming in Almeria.

Before this though, Lennon had accompanied manager, Brian Epstein, on a two-week vacation in Torremolinos in 1963.

Lennon claimed that they spent their time sitting in cafes watching handsome young men, much to the pleasure of Epstein, although the Beatle always denied any sexual relations with his manager.

Torremolinos has remembered the visit with a small square, Plaza de John Lennon, which is situated in the centre of the town.