Pilar Martínez

Pilar has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University in Malaga. She joined SUR in 1991 after working for TVE, Granada 2000, Diario 16 and Expansión. She has been the SUR specialist Tourism journalist for more than ten years.

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20/04/2018 22:05


Andalusian Supreme Court rules in favour of 'Las Kellys'

The Andalusian Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the so-called 'Las Kellys' (a collective made up of hotel cleaning staff), obliging the hotel sector to apply the 'convenio' (collective workers' agreement) for the hotel sector to staff carrying ou

20/04/2018 20:27


Caminito del Rey puts 100,000 more tickets on sale

One hundred thousand new tickets for the Caminito del Rey gorgeside walkway in El Chorro went on sale on Monday for the period June-October. According to the attraction's director, Francisco Campano: "Our forecasts are very positive. We expect to b

16/04/2018 19:25


Malaga airport now the third busiest in Spain

Malaga airport overtook Palma de Mallorca to become the third busiest in Spain last month. 1.3 million passengers travelled through the airport in March, which coincided with Holy Week, an 8 per cent increase on the previous month. The airport rec

13/04/2018 15:27


Las Kellys hit La Moncloa

The friendly greeting from the receptionist when you first arrive at a hotel and the smile from the waiter who serves you in the cafeteria or on the terrace are of vital importance. However it's just as fundamental, or even more so, for the room to b

28/03/2018 23:34


A sea giant, unveiled in Malaga

It was Holy Tuesday, and the people of Malaga walked in procession towards the Levante wharf in the port. This was not an Easter procession, however. They were doing so to take part in a unique event which would become part of the port's history: the

26/03/2018 20:17


Malaga gears up for presentation of world's biggest cruise ship

Malaga is preparing to welcome the latest sea giant, the cruise ship Symphony of the Seas. The latest addition to Royal Caribbean's fleet, with a capacity of over 6,700 passengers, will be in the city on Tuesday for its international presentation.

23/03/2018 15:21


The Costa del Sol continues to attract Russian tourism

The Costa del Sol has seen an increase in Russian tourists by 11.3 per cent in the last year. Figures from the Costa's tourist board have shown that around 90,000 people from Russia visited the Costa del Sol last year. Russian visitors are particul

02/03/2018 19:02


Malaga city to publish list of legal, approved holiday lets

From now on, people wanting to rent a tourist apartment or house in Malaga city will be able to check online first to see if the accommodation is officially registered with the Andalusian regional government and therefore complies with the law. Mal

03/11/2017 12:21


Hotels plan to spend 45 million euros on improvements

November marks the end of the summer season, although this year there were high hotel occupancy levels right up to the end of October and some hotels which had planned to close in the middle of the month decided to remain open a bit longer. A tota

13/10/2017 19:34


Fears over low cost airlines

Major turbulence is jeopardising the low-cost airline business. Not only are thousands of passengers affected, but it is causing new concerns in the tourism sector in Malaga province. Consumer associations say people should always make an official

03/10/2017 18:56


Delta Air Lines rules out year-round flight from Malaga to New York

Delta's promises to run the year-round direct flight between Malaga and New York in 2018 have been broken as the airline announced that the flight will only run in the summer. In its transatlantic flight schedule for 2018, the airline revealed tha

02/10/2017 18:45


Call for a network of inland villages to promote tourism

The PP group in the regional parliament is calling for the Junta de Andalucía to set up a network of inland villages in order to provide support and training and to help them take advantage of the possible opportunities from increased tourist numbers

29/09/2017 19:17


Malaga airport is not affected by the latest Ryanair cancellations

The airport which serves the Costa del Sol has not been affected by the latest flight cancellations announced by Ryanair, although more passengers travelling to and from Malaga use that airline than any other. The cancellations will be from October

11/09/2017 17:38


Tourism properties now outstrip hotels in Malaga and Marbella

The unstoppable growth of holiday rentals in the region has now seen numbers surpass those of hotels in both Malaga city and Marbella. Figures show that tourism properties, which have been regulated since 2016, have more than doubled in the past 15

05/06/2017 16:57


Hoteliers start to talk tough on British guests' false illness claims

Hoteliers are starting to get tough on the wave of British tourists suing over reported holiday illnesses. The organised claims from UK law firms have been affecting many areas of Spain and souring relations between the country and its most important

02/06/2017 10:33


Water send-off for first direct flight to Tel Aviv

The first direct flight from Malaga to Tel Aviv was launched on Sunday night, operated by the Israeli company El Al. Jets of water, which came from the Guadalhorce and Jordan rivers were released by fire engines to celebrate the inaugural flight.

30/05/2017 15:44


Hey, big spenders: Malaga airport is top

When passengers go to catch their flight at Malaga airport, there's no way for them to escape the duty-free shopping these days as the route from security control snakes past rows of glittering shelving. However, for the 16.6 million people that pass

26/05/2017 10:29


Improvements to the duty free shops

The seven duty free businesses at Malaga airport, which currently occupy over 3,200 square metres of space, are due to be refurbished this year to adapt them to new trends, with new fittings and the introduction of new brands. 2 million drinks are

26/05/2017 10:26


Chocolates, still a classic gift

The traditional Toblerone or classic bag of sweets never seem to go out of fashion. Sources at the airport calculate that about one million of these are sold every year. 1.5 million sandwiches and snacks are sold each year in the 7,000 square metre

26/05/2017 10:23


The attraction of local produce

An increasing number of passengers are buying products from Malaga these days. The most popular is local wine, with about 60,000 bottles a year being sold. There are plans to expand the range of products from Malaga in the future.

26/05/2017 10:22


Which product is sold the most?

By units, vodka is sold most at Malaga airport, although by sector the top seller is perfume. In terms of drinks, gin is the second most popular. 15,000 products are on sale in the duty free shops at Malaga airport, with perfume being the most pop

17/04/2017 13:49


Malaga to host main Mediterranean cruise industry trade fair in 2020

Seatrade Cruise Med, the most important cruise-industry trade fair in the Mediterranean and nearby area, will be held in Malaga in 2020. Bosses from major world shipping companies, representatives of ports and delegates from component industries wi

17/04/2017 13:36


Ryanair to offer 50 routes from Malaga airport next winter

The low-cost Irish airline, Ryanair, has announced that it will offer 50 routes from Malaga for next winter, including several new destinations. This increase will see the company operating the largest ever number of routes during the low tourist s

28/03/2017 16:43


Summer tickets for the Caminito del Rey now available online

Until this week, anyone planning a trip to the Caminito del Rey, the famous daredevil walkway in El Chorro, has not been able to book a slot for any later than 31 May. However, it is now possible to purchase tickets for June through to September from

17/03/2017 10:39


Luxury halal-certified hotel opens its doors in Torremolinos

Kuwaiti chain Costa del Sol Hotels has opened a new boutique hotel in Torremolinos which caters for the Arab market. The establishment, just three hundred metres from the beach, has 36 rooms. Named Costa del Sol Torremolinos Boutique Hotel, this is

03/03/2017 15:01


Andalucía sees big increase in foreign tourists in January

Government statistics have shown that there were 15 per cent more foreign tourists in Andalucía in January compared to the same month last year. Of the Spanish regions that receive the most international visitors, Andalucía saw the biggest increas

03/03/2017 14:54


Regional tourism chiefs head to Berlin for top travel fair

A hundred tourism officials and representatives of hotel and travel companies from Andalucía will travel to Berlin next week for the ITB fair. The huge event is recognised as the most important in the world for the volume of business generated for th

16/02/2017 11:08


Flights between Malaga and the UK increase this year by 15%

Passengers wanting to travel between the Costa del Sol and the UK this year will find more options available as the total number of seats available is to increase by 15%. "In total there are around 3.5 million seats on flights to the Costa del Sol,

20/01/2017 13:19


'More growth for Costa in 2017', say tourism chiefs at Fitur fair

The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, officially opened the huge Andalucía stand at the Fitur travel show in Madrid on Wednesday amid official forecasts that 2017 is set to be another record year for tourism in southern Spain. Touri

19/01/2017 21:03


'More growth for Costa in 2017', say tourism chiefs at Fitur fair

The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, officially opened the huge Andalucía stand at the Fitur travel show in Madrid on Wednesday amid official forecasts that 2017 is set to be another record year for tourism in southern Spain. Touri

17/01/2017 10:31


A record year for Malaga airport with 16.6 million passengers

A year to remember: 2016 was a record year for Malaga airport, with an extra two million passengers compared with 2015, bringing the total to 16.6 million. Figures issued this week by the Aena airports authority showed a growth of 15.7 per cent, almo

17/01/2017 10:12


Gran Hotel Miramar set to welcome first guests in mid-December

The latest edition to Malaga's burgeoning hotel scene is getting close to opening its doors. The Gran Hotel Miramar is nearing the end of a two-year restoration and is expected to see its first guests staying overnight from the second half of next mo