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Top tips for cheaper flights in Spain

Top tips for cheaper flights in Spain

Flight comparison site Skyscanner has studied the data for tens of thousands of bookings in ten countries, including Spain, to discover how you can make significant savings

Pilar Martínez


Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 17:10


Skyscanner, the flight comparison web platform, has studied tens of thousands of booking data in ten countries, including Spain, to discover how significant savings can be made. To do this, the metasearch engine has examined metrics such as average seat prices, the best and worst days to travel and the associated cost, the best time to book and the total savings available to travellers.

There are two key premises to put the piggy bank to work: when to book and when to travel. The study shows that travellers from Spain could save an average of 58 euros per person if they book at the optimum time and up to 50 euros if they travel on the cheapest day of the week.

The best time to book flights from Spain is, on average, 24 weeks before departure and the cheapest day of the week to travel from Spain is on Saturdays. However, it is still possible to try to get a better deal because not only do prices change by destination, but travellers will find different results for the same destination, depending on the month they are travelling.

"Flight pricing algorithms have long been a source of great fascination, but in the wake of the pandemic, the science behind pricing is more complex than ever. Travellers can now visit Skyscanner's 2023 Savings Generator to calculate for themselves the savings they could make," said Skyscanner.

Angel Guirado, Skyscanner's Travel Expert, said: "Most people are unaware of some of the travel tips and tricks that could save them a lot of money, which in the current climate is more important than ever. On the platform, we have access to millions of pieces of data that feed our recommendations to make this information accessible to everyone”.

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