Héctor Barbotta

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Héctor has a degree in Journalism from Malaga University and joined the SUR team in 1992. He is now Chief Reporter in Marbella.

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15/09/2021 18:52


Vox rules out climate change as a factor in the Sierra Bermeja fire

The Vox spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament, Manuel Gavira, ruled out that climate change was one of the determining factors in the virulence of the fire that ravaged the Sierra Bermeja for six days. He was challenged if his background allowed h

21/07/2021 18:13


Video | Rodent rudely interrupts Andalucia's Parliament proceedings

A meeting of the Parliament of Andalucía was briefly interrupted by an uninvited guest - a rodent - this Wednesday, 21 July. The session was just beginning when the president, Marta Bosquet, was interrupted by a commotion from the area of seats occ

22/02/2021 17:08

National | LifeStyle

Singer Raphael to receive highest possible distinction for Andalucía Day

Veteran singer Raphael will receive the distinction of 'Hijo Predilecto de Andalucía' (Favourite Son of Andalucía) later this week when the region celebrates Día de Andalucía (Andalucía Day). This was announced on Monday in a tweet by Andalusian pres

16/12/2020 14:07


Green light given for 700 new homes in San Pedro

Marbella's town hall has given the go-ahead for work to start on a new 700-home residential estate in San Pedro de Alcántara. The site is described as one of the areas with the greatest real estate value in Marbella that has direct access to the co

04/12/2020 12:28


The seaweed's still there

Among the many things we have the pandemic to thank for, there is one that we haven't yet had to deal with, but that will most certainly demand our time and attention when the most serious and urgent Covid issues have gone. For the last nine months

02/12/2020 23:28


Restrictions on opening hours result in tailbacks near Puerto Banús

The new restrictions on non-essential businesses across Andalucía has had unexpected consequences on the roads in Marbella. Kilometres-long tailbacks have been frequently reported on the A-7 between San Pedro and Puerto Banús as workers in retail a

14/11/2020 13:18


Works to improve accessibility in southern San Pedro get under way

Marbella town hall will invest 824,000 euros in a regeneration plan for the southern area of San Pedro Alcántara. The deputy mayor for San Pedro, Javier García, explained last Friday that a total of 14 projects will be carried out to improve pedest

13/11/2020 16:24


ProDunas announces campaign to boost native species on the coast

The ProDunas association, based in Marbella, has announced a new campaign in a bid to give species local to the Malaga coast a better chance to thrive. The method to be employed with be to collect seeds in the dune environment of Marbella, grow the

09/11/2020 13:47


Sean Connery and Marbella, a marriage that ended in divorce

For more than two decades Marbella was the place Sean Connery loved to be when enjoying breaks between films. He had just finished filming Diamonds Are Forever, the last and weakest 007 film in which he starred - although 12 years later he made a dub

06/11/2020 13:46


A legend under a shadow

You don't have to die to set an example. Sometimes obituaries take the form of well-deserved tributes, but others are attacks on the memory that help us to cope with our unresolved relationship with death. Sean Connery has died at the age of 90, a

06/11/2020 13:13


San Pedro beach stabilisation plan put out for public consultation

The project to stabilise and protect the beaches between the Guadalmina and Guadaiza rivers in San Pedro de Alcántara has been published for public consultation. The deputy central government delegate for Malaga, Teófilo Ruiz, highlighted the impor

23/10/2020 22:17


All that scum

A shooting in Marbella is always bad news. Even worse is when through sheer force of habit it stops being news. For too long now the pearl of the Costa del Sol has grown used to living with incidents of this kind, and while sometimes it seems that

23/10/2020 15:11


Law change could see large-scale investment in Puerto Banús

A new law change approved by the Junta de Andalucía brings mixed news for the concession holders of the Puerto Banús marina. On the one hand it will end the uncertainty over the length of the contract, confirmed at 75 years, but that places the end

23/10/2020 14:38


Licences for horse-drawn carriages to be withdrawn in Marbella

The days of the horse-drawn carriages in Marbella are numbered. The local council has approved a plan to withdraw the licences, compensating around a dozen of the 19 permit holders 30,500 euros each before the end of the year. The council has said

09/10/2020 14:45


Special police unit to be set up in Marbella to prevent squatting

Marbella town hall is going to assemble a team composed mainly of Local Police officers in a bid to prevent the illegal occupation of homes, mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced on Tuesday. While she acknowledged that squatting isn't currently a big probl

09/10/2020 14:31


Operation Save the Otters

Alarm bells started to ring at the start of the month when machinery began operating to clear the Guadaiza riverbed in Marbella, classified by the Andalusian regional government as a ZEC (Special Conservation Zone) and EFS (Outstanding River Area).

06/10/2020 14:43


Enrique Pérez Flores, founder of La Zagaleta, dies aged 97

Businessman Enrique Pérez Flores, known for founding La Zagaleta, died on Sunday, aged 97. In 1991 Pérez Flores, who had just retired after a career in banking in Switzerland, acquired the land from Saudi magnate Adnan Khashoggi, who had populated

05/10/2020 15:01


The Costa del Sol Hospital: ten years with no sign of progress

The works have been paralysed for so long that the huge half-built 30,000-square-metre building now seems part of the landscape. Nor does it seem out of place in the area, the upper part of Los Monteros to the north of the A-7, five kilometres from t

05/10/2020 14:35


Marbella council renews pledge on free bus travel

Marbella council is to carry on giving everyone registered as resident in the town free bus travel into 2021. It has set aside six million euros to pay for the service, an increase as it is taking on the two lines previously run by the Junta from

01/10/2020 23:45

What to do

Art and design under one roof in Marbella

Two fairs in one. The organisers of Marbella Design and Art Marbella, both annual events in the town, decided to merge both into one space this year. The double display opened in the town's Adolfo Suárez congress centre on Thursday last week. Marbell

25/09/2020 15:15


New life on the beach in Marbella

They weren't expected to hatch until early October, but on Tuesday night the first loggerhead sea turtles to be born on a beach on the Costa de Sol had arrived. Between 11pm on Tuesday and 2am on Wednesday, the first 38 turtles set foot on Cabopino

25/09/2020 13:37


New four-million-euro sports centre to be built in San Pedro

Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced on Saturday that a new sports pavilion will be built on a 5,500-metre plot on Calle Lyon which will form part of a major development of the southern part of San Pedro. The council has already put the drafting

11/09/2020 16:00


Six months wasted

Prefabricated classrooms have not been installed, nor have more spaces (where they exist) been made available to give students and teachers more space. More teachers haven't been hired either to have more classes taking place simultaneously, and thus

11/09/2020 15:14


Junta says 'no' to La Bajadilla port expansion for now

The Junta regional government has said that it doesn't have the money at the moment to carry out the long-planned expansion of Marbella's La Bajadilla port, east of the town centre. In 2011, Sheikh Al-Thani, also the controversial owner of Malaga f

11/09/2020 15:01


San Pedro feria called off and budget will be spent on welfare

The council in Marbella has agreed with local organisers that the San Pedro fair, and associated festivities, will not go ahead in mid-October. The 280,000 euros of town hall funds set aside for the popular annual event will instead go to the Soci

11/09/2020 14:49


Call for volunteers to watch over turtle eggs on Cabopino beach

A local environmental group is calling for volunteers to help protect turtle eggs buried on Cabopino beach before they hatch in October. When a loggerhead turtle laid her eggs on busy Los Boliches beach in Fuengirola in early August, there was lit

03/08/2020 11:57


A first for Marbella as it is awarded quality seal

Marbella has become the first large town or city to be awarded the Q mark, a top tourism quality certification, for its safe management of public spaces. The award was made by the government-accredited ICTE. The council was audited by inspectors a

24/07/2020 19:19


A lesson and an opportunity

The claim that an opportunity comes out of every crisis might work as a pretext for a self-help book, but it appears to be a terrible fallacy if the books we're looking at are history ones. The crises that humanity has been through since records b

20/07/2020 13:38


Marbella beach masseurs appeal to be allowed back to work

Masseurs who usually work on Marbella's beaches during the summer have stepped up calls for the town hall to allow them to return to work. The around 100 masseurs say that the town hall's decision not to renew permits violates their right to work.

15/07/2020 19:32


Marbella's official language school set to be ready by next term

The new Official School of Languages (EOI) on Avenida Alfredo Palma in Marbella will be ready for use in time for the start of the next academic year, the town's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has announced. The works, with a budget of 1.3 million euros, be

10/07/2020 16:40


Despite the beaches

Marbella was the setting recently for the launch of the regional government's Safe Beaches Plan, in which it is investing 35 million euros. Never before have our beaches played such an important role at the start of a tourist season. Of course, it

02/07/2020 20:40


Work starts on new botanical gardens site in Marbella

The town hall has started work to prepare an area of land in Nagüeles for a new botanical gardens and nursery. The facility, covering 13,280 square metres of land near the pine woods, will serve to supply seasonal flowering plants for the beds that

27/06/2020 15:20


Marbella's pandemic past is uncovered

Work on the foundations of the old La Fonda hotel and restaurant in Marbella Old Town, which is being restored, has uncovered remains which may provide previously unknown information about the town's history. These include the walls of the old San

27/06/2020 13:49


New luxury development will use modular building technique

The View, a new development of luxury apartments in Benahavís, will be built using a modular industrialised technique known as 4.0, which is cutting-edge in the industry. The innovative system will be used by constructors Bilba, which has finished

26/06/2020 18:16


Fifty-metre big wheel planned for San Pedro boulevard

Councillors in Marbella have set in motion the tender process for a concession to install and operate a 50-metre-high ferris wheel in San Pedro Alcántara. The move comes after a private firm submitted a project for the attraction that would involve

05/06/2020 13:01


UAE delivers 18 tonnes of medical supplies to Marbella

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has donated 18 tonnes of medical supplies to help Marbella in the coronavirus crisis. In a move that confirms the strength of the town's links with the Arab world, the UAE has sent a shipment containin

29/05/2020 17:33


We were going to be better

We knew it was going to be tough, but when all this started we had certain expectations that the experience could make us better as a society. Not only because after 2008, and what followed 2008, there was no room for the chain to break again at its

29/05/2020 15:24


Nautical tourism, a key to bringing Puerto Banús back to life

With the coronavirus pandemic wiping out more usual streams of income, Puerto Banús is turning to nautical tourism as a way to boost activity in the absence of the usual influx of visitors this high season. Marinas de Andalucía, the association th

29/05/2020 15:24


Permission given to Banús businesses to expand restaurant terraces

The company which manages Puerto Banús has opened up the possibility for the port's restaurants to extend their outdoor terraces in order to be able to comply with the social distancing standards required by law without having to reduce their overall

22/05/2020 17:54


Petition launched calling for new cycle lane network in Marbella

A new petition has been launched by the Acción por el Clima Marbella association, asking Marbella town hall to create a new network of cycle lanes. This comes as a direct result of the council's initiative to ban cyclists from the promenade and to

08/05/2020 15:13


The unaffordable cost of closed hotels

The lawnmower is the only sound to be heard these days at the Marbella Club, one of the legendary hotels on the Costa del Sol which at first sight could be confused with a typical Andalusian white village. It closed on 21 March for the first time in

24/04/2020 18:00


Tourism and the left

Waiters on the Costa del Sol lack that epic label afforded to the miners of Asturias or the textile workers of Catalonia, or the poor country folk proletarianised in the factories of Madrid, the blast furnaces of Vizcaya or the Galician shipyards.

17/04/2020 14:46


Marbella council workers being tested for Covid-19

Marbella town hall has started testing around 2,000 key municipal workers for coronavirus using fast test kits. "The idea is to find out who might be a symptom-free carrier and who might have already had the illness," said the mayor Ángeles Muñoz.

09/04/2020 20:11


All residents in Marbella care homes to be tested for Covid-19

Marbella town hall will carry out coronavirus testing in all five of the town's care homes, all of which are private, where there are 361 users and 304 workers. Though no cases have been detected during the pandemic so far, care for the elderly has

30/03/2020 13:55


Marbella steps up coronavirus response with large-scale disinfection

A unit of the Spanish Legion, based in Ronda, was deployed on Sunday in Marbella, Ojén, Benahavís and Istán as part of measures adopted to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the area. A total of 60 military personnel carried out patrol and inspecti

27/03/2020 13:08


Los Monteros rejected as hospital overflow and search continues

Earlier this week it looked like the five-star Hotel Los Monteros might become an emergency annex to the nearby Hospital Costa del Sol. The building was the first to be inspected, after a series of hotel owners in the Marbella area offered up their

20/02/2020 20:36


San Pedro webcam to tell surfers when waves are at their best

Marbella town hall is to install a webcam near San Pedro beach to inform surfers of the size of the waves in real time. The aim is to make the area a hotspot for the sport. Two more webcams are to be installed to show live views of the San Pedr

18/02/2020 17:21


Costa water consumption per person is the highest in all Andalucía

The average water consumption per person on the Costa del Sol is ten times the regional average, according to a report published by the Accounting Chamber of Andalucía. The study, though published last week, refers to 2015 and shows the average on

14/02/2020 17:37


Licence granted for eight more units on San Pedro industrial estate

The expansion of the San Pedro industrial estate continues with a licence granted for eight more units on the site. This is in addition to the 24 units and 270 parking spaces approved in December - all possible after the construction of an electric

14/02/2020 15:54


A life of real luxury

It's not because of the size of the houses, although they are enormous; nor the countryside that merges with the gardens; nor the views to Gibraltar and the African coast; not even the numerous facilities available for owners. The people who have bou

31/01/2020 18:53


Gibraltar isn't scared of Brexit

"We'll get by, we always do," Maribel answers us in perfect Spanish, after we interrupted the conversation in impeccable English she had been having with an Irish friend in Main Street, Gibraltar. She doesn't know exactly how her life will change at

31/01/2020 18:17


Virtual pet, actual therapy

Luka lets you touch him, looks at the person who is holding him in their arms to encourage them to keep their hand on his back and complains if they stop stroking him. He answers to Luka, but if somebody calls him by a different name he understands t

17/01/2020 12:20


Marbella town hall withdraws offer of land for a Kingdom Hall

Marbella town hall has stopped the administrative process through which it was going to give land to the local Jehovah's Witnesses to build a new Kingdom Hall in the Río Real area. After the plan was announced in 2018, objections were filed by ind

13/01/2020 16:47


Draft of new Marbella PGOU expected by the summer

A timeline has been set by Marbella town hall for the creation of the new PGOU master town plan. A multidisciplinary team has set to work on the preliminary draft of the new document which is expected to be ready before the summer. It is hoped th

10/01/2020 12:13



The best way of explaining the dangers of exposing themselves on the internet to our children, who are hit by social media before they even hit adolescence, is most probably to propose that before they post an image, they print it out, stand up in fr

10/01/2020 11:48


Building permission passed for new homes in Nueva Andalucía

Constructor Pyomar SL has been given the green light to build 211 homes, shops, garages, car parking and a swimming pool in Calle Miguel Delibes in Marbella. The project has a budget of 27.1 million euros and the company has been given one year in wh

30/12/2019 21:04



Some say, and quite rightly so, that the false debate over political correctness and incorrectness is an argument between two sides that refuse to think for themselves. In the case of political correctness, everything appears to have been preconce

13/12/2019 11:20


Brits arrested after baby intoxicated by cannabis

The parents and uncle of a 17-month-old baby have been arrested after the child was taken to a Marbella health centre having ingested cannabis. The three adults, all British, were at home when the little girl came into contact with the drug withou

10/12/2019 11:06


Habitual, not normal

From time to time Marbella is shocked by a shooting. Or perhaps not. Gangland killings have started to form part of the routine and so talking about being shocked is an exaggeration. Strength of habit is such that we run the risk of treating as norma

15/11/2019 15:10


Votes and wallets

The pact announced between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos to try to ensure Pedro Sánchez's investiture as prime minister (he will still need another 21 seats) has been enough to take Vox and its spectacular results out of the news headlines, for the mom

25/10/2019 19:45


Merchants of Brexit

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, has suffered yet another defeat in parliament (that's six now) and his intention to leave the EU at the end of this month has been thwarted. Judging whether this is a good or bad thing at this stage in affai

25/10/2019 19:21


Russian magnate's superyacht moors in Marbella until November

Visitors to the Marbella and Puerto Banús shoreline until mid-November will be spotting even more luxury trappings than usual. Ocean Victory, at 140 metres long one of the ten biggest superyachts in the world, will be anchored in local waters. The hu

18/10/2019 15:24


Why scrap the toll?

Just under two years ago, the Junta de Andalucía, then still governed by the Socialist Party, launched its Plan de Ordenación Territorial for the Costa del Sol, which proposed scrapping the toll on the AP7. That idea was received with mockery and sar

06/09/2019 10:45


Puerto Banús marina enjoys a further taste of luxury

Solandge is the latest floating palace to eclipse its neighbours in Puerto Banús marina. Measuring 85 metres long, and boasting three floors, the superyacht is ranked among the five most luxurious boats in the world. Built in 2013 in the German Lur

17/06/2019 15:49


Barack Obama on flying visit to speak in Marbella

The former US president Barack Obama paid a lightning visit to Marbella on Friday. He was guest speaker at a private event organised by the German multinational software corporation SAP. After landing in Malaga on a flight from Stockholm on Friday

10/05/2019 10:52


Marbella mayor encourages residents to turn out to vote

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has encouraged foreign residents in the town to exercise their right to vote in the council elections on 26 May. At a meeting held with residents' associations in Las Chapas on Wednesday, Muñoz, who is again the

15/04/2019 10:45


Villa Padierna Palace to be managed by international chain

International chain Minor Hotels and NH Hotel Group have announced a deal to manage the Villa Padierna Palace in Benahavís. The establishment, which belongs to the Villa Padierna group, will be relaunched as part of Minor Hotels' luxury brand, Anan

12/04/2019 16:44


New image

Faced with a new situation that could have consequences for the economy - from the crisis to Brexit, from election results to a board of directors at a bank - we, as journalists, often find we need to call up an economist twice. The first time is so

22/03/2019 17:36


It's not new, it's old

New politics is really old politics. The most significant newcomer in this election campaign, Vox, is a party which, paradoxically, proposes taking a step back in time. Its offer is to go backwards in terms of rights that have been fought for and won

18/03/2019 13:59


Marbella mayor puts doctor's hat on to help accident victim

A woman whose motorcycle collided with a car in Marbella town centre on Monday morning was given medical assistance by the local mayor, who happened to be passing the scene of the accident before the ambulance arrived. The collision occurred at ar

13/02/2019 12:45


Flames engulf Global Gift founder's beach bar on El Cable

A fire which broke out on El Cable beach in Marbella on Monday 11 February has resulted in the complete destruction of the Playa Padre 'chiringuito' beach bar belonging to actress and co-founder of the Global Gift Foundation María Bravo. The fire,

08/02/2019 18:14


Free bus passes for Marbella residents to come into force in April

The new mobility cards, which will give local residents the right to free bus travel in Marbella, will be valid from 1 April, said town hall spokesperson, Félix Romero. Romero announced on Monday that residents could start to apply for the passes f

25/01/2019 13:28


Marbella focusing on events and golf tourism to counter seasonality

Marbella, with its own stand, this year is presenting itself at Fitur as a pioneer in the fight against seasonality in typical sun and sand destinations. This week the town is hosting the global launch of Audi's new range of eco-friendly cars - a t

18/01/2019 18:53


Plan set in motion to create 3,300 new car parking spaces in Marbella

Marbella council has set up a plan to tackle the town's shortage of car parking spaces. The objective is to create 3,300 spaces in the short term, either by building more underground car parks, restoring existing ones or designating official spaces a

18/01/2019 11:39


Activists protest against return of bullfights to Marbella ring

Animal rights demonstrators took to the streets last Saturday to protest against the decision by Marbella council to reintroduce bullfighting in the central bullring, on the edge of the old town, after a three-year absence. Around 300 protesters f

08/01/2019 11:26


The end of an era at Santiago's

The seafront in Marbella won't be the same any more. Santiago Domínguez, founder, owner and soul of the Marisquería Santiago is about to do something that no-one has expected - retire. Now 80, he has worked for 75 years, starting at the age of five h

21/12/2018 15:46


Anger at plan to build Kingdom Hall on land meant for a school

Parents in Marbella have condemned the council for trying to give away municipal land meant for educational use to a new place of worship for local Jehovah's Witnesses. Last week Marbella town hall published plans for the 2,200-square-metre plot of l

21/12/2018 15:00


Los Monteros reopens its legendary tennis club

Los Monteros has just paid off a debt with its own history. The Grand Luxury five-star hotel, one of the oldest in Marbella, has now reopened its tennis club, which was inaugurated in 1971 but has been closed and abandoned for nearly 30 years. Thi

01/12/2018 13:58


A miraculous coincidence

However firm one's convictions, and however well trained one is to look at the world from the viewpoint of agnosticism, when a true miracle situation occurs, one still feels the urge to join a procession to give thanks to Providence. One might be r

26/11/2018 14:01


More Malaya corruption assets to be put on sale on new website

A court in Malaga has decided to launch a second website to sell off assets seized as part of the Malaya corruption case in Marbella. Although the trials of those in the massive scandal, which rocked the town hall when news broke over ten years ago,

16/11/2018 14:48


Floating luxury also up for rent

They say that there are two happy days in the life of a boat owner: the day they buy it and they day they sell it, due to all the costs and headaches in between. Any multimillionaire who wants to act the part, however, will always have a luxury yacht

26/10/2018 17:02


Where to draw the line

For many years, before the internet was to change the way we organise trips and book holidays for good, the giant tour operators had an absolute power over the tourism markets. They were able to condition prices in the holiday destinations and to d

26/10/2018 11:48


Plans approved to extend the coastal walkway to Río Real

Marbella town hall has approved the construction of a new stretch of coastal pathway to link the El Pinillo area with the existing promenade at Río Real. The plan is to extend the pathway by 640 metres, which is estimated to cost 918,000 euros and

24/10/2018 14:17


Marbella to host world launch of Audi's new eco-friendly range

Marbella has been chosen as the venue for the global launch of car-manufacturer Audi's new eco-friendly models. The event will take place in the Adolfo Suárez conference centre between 23 January and 14 February next year and will be attended by arou

08/10/2018 16:30


Last resort appeal fails for San Pedro independence campaigners

Spain's Constitutional Court has rejected the last possible appeal filed by campaigners to be able to continue their bid to separate San Pedro Alcántara from Marbella and make it a municipality in its own right. As a result the president of the San P

08/10/2018 15:42


Name of "Nazi suspect" to be removed from square in Ojén

Ojén town hall has decided to change the name of Plaza Juan Hoffmann, which is opposite the German school in the La Mairena area. It comes after information came to light alleging that Hoffmann, founder of the school, was linked to Nazism. The mayo

05/10/2018 14:40


The voice of statistics

Tradition has it that Marcus Aurelius, the last of those who passed into history as the five good emperors of Rome, always took a slave with him on his walks through the city. The function of the slave was to keep saying in his ear, amid the acclamat

28/09/2018 16:19


Hotel chain Four Seasons to open a luxury resort in Marbella

The Four Seasons hotel chain, one of the world's leaders in luxury tourism, is preparing to land on the Costa del Sol with the creation of a 600-million-euro resort. This, the chain's second project in Spain after the construction of a 22-room hotel

14/09/2018 17:10



It's not the first time that Marbella has witnessed score settling between international criminal gangs, whose leaders seem to find the quality lifestyle in the resort perfect for them to enjoy their ill-gotten gains, and the cosmopolitan nature of t

17/08/2018 18:54


The good and the bad

The wave of racism that has arrived with the summer is frankly unbearable. It's true that this way of thinking cannot be attributed to the whole of society, but possibly to a relevant minority that expresses itself with special virulence on social ne

17/08/2018 15:59


Police hunt occupants who fled a burning car in Puerto Banús

Police are looking for the four men that were reportedly seen running away from a burning car left in the middle of the street just after the entrance barrier to Puerto Banús marina last Sunday. Eyewitnesses reported that, when the vehicle caught

29/06/2018 14:44


World Cup injustice

Half the country is currently glued to the television and listening out for football results, while the other half is wishing the World Cup were over, so that things can get back to normal and conversations will stop focusing on the VAR, the goalkeep

29/06/2018 13:36


Green light to repair roads on unadopted estates in Marbella

Councillors in Marbella are getting ready to spend 3.35 million euros repairing roads on housing estates across the municipality that, although privately owned, are used as main public thoroughfares. This week the council cabinet discussed the find

01/06/2018 13:05


Marbella council approves convent refurbishment

Marbella council has approved a project to restore and refurbish the cloisters and chapel of the old Trinidad convent. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has highlighted that this project, which will receive an investment of 1.8 million euros, is part of "a w

25/05/2018 13:42


Marbella fuel station licence case goes to ombudsman

A fuel sellers' association has called for the Andalusian ombudsman to intervene to force the execution of a sentence that annuls the licences of four petrol stations in Marbella. All four were built with permission granted illegally by the GIL cou

25/05/2018 12:38


Regional council to extend Nagüeles licence

An agreement on the use of the Nagüeles quarry, the venue of the Starlite festival, has been made between the council and the regional government. Marbella council will pay a sum of 121,492 euros annually to the Junta for its use. The previous tempor

11/05/2018 12:23


Marbella now has an approved town plan

Nearly three years ago, Marbella's town plan which was drawn up in 2010, was declared invalid, forcing the local government to go back to the 1986 urban plan and stop granting construction licences. Although the local government attempted to get a

04/05/2018 14:01


Right here

Some might think that at this stage we didn't ought to be surprised or scared when someone talks of mafia organisations linked with drug trafficking being set up on the Costa del Sol. For a long time now international criminal organisations have soug

20/04/2018 15:56


The price of luxury properties in Marbella has doubled since 2011

The property market in Marbella moves at different speeds and the fastest of all is the luxury sector. In some parts of the municipality prices are now double those of 2011, which was the worst year of the crisis, as shown by the latest report on the

16/03/2018 14:03


12 years

Events in recent years have given us reason to agree with those who say that very few politicians are ever put behind bars. Twelve years ago however, when Juan Antonio Roca and a large number of Marbella councillors were sent to prison, the scene was

23/02/2018 18:38


Wordless legacy

If anyone had the crazy idea of picking the best Spanish artist of all time, they would be stepping into a fascinating maze, but one with no way out. If they went in through the door marked painting they would get lost choosing between Murillo, Veláz

26/01/2018 18:16


Giving up

It's time we started, if we haven't done so already, to lose that dogmatic, irrational, almost religious belief that all our problems will magically be solved by the invisible hand of the markets. For years we trusted that the train would eventually

26/12/2017 19:11


Marbella hopes its Michelin stars will boost tourism

Marbella council is hoping that the four restaurants who recently had their Michelin stars renewed, will help bring more tourists to the town. The first step will be at the Feria Internacional de Turismo de Madrid (Fitur) where the four establishment

01/12/2017 12:46



Francisco Griñán tells us in this edition about a documentary that recovers the unknown epic story of the people of Malaga who, early last century, emigrated to Hawaii in search of sustenance from the sugar cane plantations. 'Hawái o miseria' is th

27/11/2017 12:18


Unfinished building on A-7 could be Marbella's new courthouse

An unfinished building near the Hospital Costa del Sol alongside the A-7, east of central Marbella, could be home to a new court complex. The town currently has its court operations spread across three separate buildings and urgently needs a new base

03/11/2017 13:35


Messi and co to seek refuge in Marbella before the World Cup

Following their traumatic qualification campaign in which their participation in the World Cup hung in the balance right until the last moment, Lionel Messi and his teammates will be looking for some tranquility in the build-up to the main event this

03/11/2017 13:34


Marbella would expand Puente Romano for the Davis Cup in February

Marbella wants the central court at the Puente Romano tennis club to be the venue for the Davis Cup clash between Spain and the United Kingdom next year. As part of its application to host the event, the council says it would expand the seating aroun

03/11/2017 13:06


La Zagaleta sells Valderrama Golf to members

La Zagaleta, the famous private luxury estate company, has finally closed the deal to sell the Valderrama golf club near Sotogrande to the club's own members. The 28-million-euro sale of one of Europe's most prestigious golf courses marks the end o

03/11/2017 12:13


Firefighters rescue family stranded on La Concha

An Anglo-German middle-aged couple and their adult daughter had to be rescued from atop La Concha mountain on Tuesday after becoming disorientated by incoming fog. The three people got lost at around 2.30pm and immediately got in contact with the 1

13/10/2017 12:48


A floating palace in Puerto Banús

Measuring 87 metres in length, with a support vessel which carries a helicopter, room for just 12 passengers and a spa in the interior which those who have had the chance to enjoy it say it is the best they have ever seen, the 'ACE' is definitely one

09/10/2017 13:58


New home found for "alligator" spotted on the prowl in Marbella lake

What many thought was a crocodile in the artifical lake in Marbella's La Represa park was identified as an alligator gar, a fish native to North America. The fish, which measures almost a metre in length and is thought to have lived off the park's

03/10/2017 18:41


Chilean group launches 480-million-euro Costa investment

Chilean investment group, Osim, got a series of projects on the Costa del Sol under way on Friday with the launch of the Alcazaba Lagoon residential complex in Casares. The 400-property development involves a 200-million-euro investment on the part

29/09/2017 17:04


Did he give himself up or was his arrest unexpected?

Two weeks after Carlos Fernández was remanded in custody in the province of San Juan, Argentina, it is still not known exactly how his arrest was made and what kind of police operation led to his capture. According to his defence lawyer and brother

22/09/2017 13:22


Former Marbella councillor and Malaya fugitive arrested in Argentina

More than ten years after the Malaya corruption scandal broke out in Marbella, the last fugitive Carlos Fernández has been located and arrested in Argentina. The former councillor was detained in the early hours of last Friday at his home in Rivada

15/09/2017 12:10


Marbella council acts to eradicate restrictions on home improvements

The council is taking action to ensure that the owners of more than 2,300 homes in 14 different areas of the town can apply for permission to carry out improvements or extend their properties. These are located on land that was zoned for building und

11/09/2017 18:34



It seems unstoppable. Malaga and Marbella now officially have more beds available in privately-rented tourist apartments than in hotels. In a city like Malaga with its recent tourism explosion focused on urban and cultural visits, the figures might s

01/09/2017 14:38


Returning mayor says public services will be a priority

Ángeles Muñoz, who returned to power in Marbella this week after a vote of no confidence in the former Socialist mayor, José Bernal, has said that there are certain areas of local government that she wants to be responsible for herself. She will

29/08/2017 14:25


Ángeles Muñoz back as mayor of Marbella

Ángeles Muñoz is back as mayor of Marbella. The local president of the Partido Popular (PP) has regained the post she occupied for two consecutive legislative terms (2007-2011 and 2011-2015) after the success on Tuesday of the no confidence motion pr

11/08/2017 17:14


End of villa that became a symbol of local corruption

It became a symbol of the massive corruption that swept through Marbella in the first ten years of the century. The eight-bedroom villa called 'Mi Gitana' (my gypsy) was in the national spotlight when news reached the world of the scale of the 'Op

04/08/2017 20:23


San Pedro party votes to continue support for Marbella's mayor

The three-party coalition that controls Marbella town hall has managed to survive - just. By a slim margin of four votes, members of the governing body of Opción Sampedreña (OSP), the San Pedro separatist party and coalition partner, voted not to w

28/07/2017 19:37


San Pedro councillors threaten to bring down Marbella's mayor

The position of José Bernal as PSOEmayor of Marbella looked to be in doubt this week as three councillors in his ruling coalition mulled over an offer from the opposition PP party to swap sides. The three councillors from Opción Sampedreña (OSP), w

23/06/2017 17:11


February start for works on new San Pedro health centre

Work is expected to start next February on a new public health centre in San Pedro and is expected to be completed in under two years. The Junta and Marbella council have finally agreed that the former will fund the building on land belonging to th

16/06/2017 19:58


US court orders 'Prince of Marbella's' home to be seized

The palatial home of a convicted arms dealer has been seized on the orders of a New York judge. Monzer Al-Kassar used to live in the villa near Marbella, which was not directly in his name, until 2007 when he was arrested in Spain on a US police wa

09/06/2017 18:40


Marbella celebrates June fair under the watchful eye of security CCTV

The annual San Bernabé 'feria' is in full swing this weekend in the centre of Marbella and the showground on the outskirts of the resort. However this year the good-natured revelry is being closely monitored by temporary CCTV cameras for the first ti

02/06/2017 10:36


Mahiki Beach sealed off by police hours before it was due to open

The town hall in Marbella has sealed off a former 'chiringuito' beach bar on the promenade in the centre of the resort that was about to be reopened as the first Spanish branch of a top London nightspot. Mahiki Beach is based on the popular celebri

02/06/2017 10:21


Two Frenchmen caught stealing at a cashpoint

Two French citizens have been arrested for attempting to steal from an elderly German couple at a cashpoint on Avenida Ricardo Soriano, after an anonymous witness notified Local Police. The men, aged 22 and 28, were then detained after police found 3

26/05/2017 11:52


Estepona town hall corruption inquiry finishes after almost 12 years

The news broke in June 2008 when police arrested then-mayor of Estepona, Antonio Barrientos of the PSOE party, other councillors and council workers after a tip off from two other Socialist councillors in November 2006. Since 2006 a judge has been

26/05/2017 11:42


Former Marbella council bosses quizzed over planning vote

Former councillors and officials at Marbella town hall have been appearing before an investigating judge this week to explain their role in the approval of the town's master plan (PGOU) in 2009. Public prosecutors have complained that 22 last-minute

26/05/2017 10:36


Four arrested in counterfeit goods fraud

National Police officers have arrested four Romanians who were selling fake items of clothing where there were large numbers of passing tourists, including in a shopping centre in Marbella town and a shopping area in nearby Puerto Banús. The prices

19/05/2017 12:00


Marbella will host an annual Ironman event until 2021

The mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, has unveiled more details of the council's agreement to host an Ironman trial every year in the town until 2021. Announcing plans alongside councillor for Sport, Blanca Fernán, Bernal said that each event will ge

12/05/2017 10:53


Town moves a step closer to saving its beaches with breakwaters

At a meeting in Madrid last week, representatives from Marbella council discussed with environment ministry officials their plan to protect the town's shoreline from erosion and restore sand to the beaches. During the meeting, the government's coas

24/03/2017 16:30


Junta urgently takes back control of Marbella's La Bajadilla port

The Junta de Andalucía's port authority has stepped in and taken over the running of Marbella's La Bajadilla port. The marina, to the east of the old town, has been at the centre of a dispute between the company holding the operating licence, Nas M

23/03/2017 20:45


W hotel chain to open luxury resort on the beach in Marbella

A leading luxury hotel chain is to open an establishment in Marbella. On Thursday, the W chain signed an agreement with the Platinum Estates investment group, which is developing a project in the area of the sand dunes at Real de Zaragoza, to manage

17/03/2017 15:40


Over to Mijas

The image of Marbella often spreads beyond the municipal borders, becoming an umbrella location for a large proportion of the western Costa del Sol. There are hotels and beach clubs in Estepona that use the Marbella brand in their marketing - and nob

17/03/2017 11:11


Marbella heads to Moscow tourism fair

Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, led a town-council delegation to Moscow for the MITT tourism fair in the Russian capital this week. It aimed to consolidate the municipality's position as a popular tourist destination in that country. The Russian ma

17/03/2017 10:36


Marbella petrol stations 'illegal for 20 years'

A Malaga court has upheld earlier judgements that four well-known petrol stations in Marbella were built with illegal planning permission granted in 1995 and 1996 when Jesús Gil was mayor. The stations affected are by Marbella bus station, in Nagüele

10/03/2017 12:30


Roman burials can be found beneath nearby beach

The zone adjacent to the paleochristian Basilica has never been subject to archaeological examination but there is no doubt that it is home to Roman burials, after excavation work in 1991 uncovered three Roman graves beneath sand dunes which lie only

24/02/2017 11:47


Court invalidates more mortgage clauses but for different reasons

A wave of other refund claims to banks could be on the horizon, and this time it has nothing to do with the so-called 'floor clause'. A Marbella court has recently found in favour of two people who took out mortgages based not on the standard eurib

17/02/2017 11:16


Legal proceedings started over Marbella FC's new sports complex

Construction of the La Dama de Noche Sports City in Marbella, which was opened on 18 January, was carried out without a municipal licence. Legal proceedings against MFC Sport Arena, the owner of the installations used by Marbella FC and which inclu

10/02/2017 16:45


Sheikh Al-Thani appeals against decision to remove port concession

Sheikh Al-Thani, head of the Nas Marbella group who holds the concession for the La Bajadilla port project, last week communicated by telephone, through a legal representative, his intention to appeal the decision of the Andalucía Public Port Agency

10/02/2017 15:35


Marbella recovers one million euros from Roca in civil liabilities

Marbella town hall reclaimed one of 70 million euros owed to it by Juan Antonio Roca on Wednesday. The provincial court in Malaga agreed that this sum would be taken for civil liabilities in the 'Saqueo 1' and 'Saqueo 2' cases. In the first, Roca w

04/02/2017 13:11


British ambassador urges calm among business owners in Spain

The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, spoke to members of the British Chamber of Commerce on Marbella on Friday, urging calm among business leaders in the face of the uncertainty surrounding the future Brexit. 'Brexit and beyond' was the t

03/02/2017 16:02


Trump - the mirror

Of all the political catastrophes that have rained down on the planet in recent months, it's possible that Brexit will be the one with the most repercussions on the Costa del Sol - not necessarily on the tourism industry, but on the thousands of fell

25/01/2017 16:41


Marbella Rugby Club faces uncertain future due to disputed tax debt

The survival of one of the longest established sporting organisations in Marbella is under threat due to a municipal tax demand. The Patronato Provincial de Recaudación (the provincial tax collection agency) has ordered an embargo of Marbella Rugby C

20/01/2017 16:58


The price of the cold

In the old days they called it winter, but as climate change has turned meteorology into a strange anomaly it has now become known as a "Siberian cold front". This week much of the province of Malaga saw a covering of snow; you don't have to have suc

17/01/2017 10:31


Marbella Club closes for one month for refurbishment

The Marbella Club Hotel closed its doors last week for a refurbishment that will cost around five million euros. In addition to the renovation of the swimming pool and general maintenance work, the hotel will construct a new luxury villa in the cen