Pedro Fernández with the Junta's Antonio Sanz at a recent event. / francisco J olmo

Andalucía has already received 5.68 billion euros of European Next Generation funds since 2020

The government in Madrid says the region has received more of this EU money to tackle the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic than any other and is urging the Junta to do more with it

Héctor Barbotta

Since 2020, when the EU Next Generation funds were launched, Andalucía has received 5.68 billion euros for measures to tackle the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The Spanish government says it has received more of this money than any other region.

Of this sum, 1.88 billion euros were the so-called ‘Covid funds’, designed to protect public services and mitigate the economic and social damage caused by the pandemic and these were sent to the Junta de Andalucía in three instalments during 2020.

The remaining 3.8 billion euros were for measures under the Recovery, Transport and Resilience Plan, and 3.02 billion were managed directly by the Junta. The remainder were assigned by the government.

The government’s delegate in Andalucía, Pedro Fernández, has said it is a shame that in his opinion the Junta has not done very much with the money, and called for them to deploy the funds to solve problems experienced by citizens families, the self-employed and the productive network in general.

"Needs to do its homework"

The Junta needs “to do its homework because the Andalusian people need a regional government that thinks more about them and less about photo opportunities,” he said. “The Junta needs to get to work and give up pointless political confrontation when there are billions of euros waiting to be used”.

He also stressed that Andalucía’s job market is precarious, with so many workers on temporary contracts, while 223.78 million euros have been assigned under the government’s Recovery Plan for new policies to create a dynamic, resilient and inclusive labour market, so “it is time for the Junta to put its shoulder to the wheel and act”.