Andalucía's exports soar to record high worth 40 billion euros

Andalucía's exports soar to record high worth 40 billion euros

Sales of Andalusian products in foreign markets grew by more than 25 per cent between January and November 2022

Héctor Barbotta

Friday, 20 January 2023, 12:13


Last year, Andalucía's export volume soared to 39.21 billion euros in the value of products sold in foreign markets between January and November. This is the highest figure ever achieved since the introduction in 1995 of records comparable to the current ones. Furthermore, almost 11% of Spanish product sales in foreign markets originated in Andalucía.

Exports in the first eleven months of 2022 exceeds by more than 4.6 billion euros the 2021 export total, according to a note released on Thursday by Extenda, the Andalusian public company for foreign promotion.

The figures guarantee that the final balance of 2022 will be well above 40 billion euros. The data also shows that there has been a year-on-year increase in Andalusian exports of 25%, a rate 1.4% higher than the average for Spain and which represents a new absolute record for 2022.

In the same 11-month period last year imports to Andalucía also rose – by 44.2% – compared to the first eleven months of 2021. The figures show that Andalucía imported goods and services worth 43.28 billion euros, which puts the coverage rate (the difference between exports and imports) at 90.6%, almost six points higher than the national rate of 84.9%. Spanish sales abroad were worth 357.11 billion euros with imports worth 420.71 billion euros.

The increase in Andalusian exports is the result of an increase in sales in nine of the top ten export categories, among which are important assets of the industrial and agri-food complexes of the community, such as aeronautics, which rose by 26.2% and olive oil, which grew by 25.1%; but also due to the diversification of both the origin and destination of Andalusian exports, according to Extenda's note.

The eight Andalusian provinces increased their exports by double digits, reaching historic sales records in all cases; while the greatest advances in the foreign sector occurred in the American, Asian and African markets, such as the United States, the destination with the highest increase of the top ten with a rise of 64%; Saudi Arabia, which multiplied its figure by five (+439); China, which rose by 16.6% and Morocco, which grew by 24.7%.




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