Junta offers resources to revitalise plans for direct high-speed train service between Malaga-Seville

The president of the regional government, Juanma Moreno, has revealed his team is working on an ambitious project to connect the two Andalusian cities with a journey time of just 50 minutes

Héctor Barbotta


Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 13:22


The Andalusian regional government wants to resume the planning to link two of the two main cities in the region with a direct AVE high-speed service. President Juanma Moreno announced this Wednesday, 1 February, that his team is working on an ambitious project to connect Malaga and Seville with a route that could be covered in just 50 minutes.

Moreno made the announcement at an ABC media group forum, where he offered resources from the Junta to facilitate the plan. He said that this connection is a fundamental objective which is already being worked on and stressed that the two provinces account for around 45 per cent of Andalucía's GDP. "They are two tremendously complementary driving forces that need to address their connectivity," Moreno said.

Juanma Moreno during his speech at the ABC forum today.
Juanma Moreno during his speech at the ABC forum today. RAÚL DOBLADO


The president referred to the project which would be "a kind of air bridge between the two great provinces and cities of Andalucía" and which would boost both urban conurbations and bring enormous benefits to the region as a whole.

He pointed out that due to its size, it is an ambitious project but is one on which the Andalusian government is working to initiate the necessary studies and the possibilities of financing. Moreno advocated the collaboration of other administrations and expressed his government's willingness to contribute its own resources. He regretted the fact that the Junta has not received a positive response from Madrid.

The Junta chief also referred to the fact that the project had already been tackled in the past, which is why some work has already begun. "There was a stage in which plans were started, and a part of the work was done that could be used," he said.

Rail link from Almeria to Huelva

Moreno added that, in order to make Andalucía a competitive region, it is also necessary to link Almeria to Huelva by rail for the transport of people and goods.

In his speech, Moreno said that the Andalusian Minister of Public Works, Marifrán Carazo, has put “a lot of pressure" on the Spanish Government in relation to its Infrastructure Master Plan so that in its railway network planning Andalucía can be included.

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