The Artesanal Inoxis gallery in Alhaurín el Grande. / SUR

Winter exhibition kicks off 2023 at Alhaurín el Grande gallery

The new collection of paintings and sculptures at Artsenal Inoxis includes the works of more than ten local artists

Tony Bryant

The Artsenal Inoxis art gallery in Alhaurín el Grande inaugurates its Winter Exhibition on Saturday 14 January. The new collection of paintings and sculptures includes the works of more than ten local artists that can be viewed until Sunday 26 March.

Among the artists taking part are textile artist Jolanda van den Broek, who uses natural products such as leaves, flowers and bark; silk screen artist Chandy Haggett, whose works depict colourful landscapes and scenes of the Andalusian countryside; and Sebastian Echevarria, a painter of Argentine origin whose portraits of celebrities like Hendrix, Monroe and Chaplin are full of life and executed with a great variety of colour.

The exhibition, which is free, is officially opened at 8pm and includes a concert by Cristina Mateo at 9pm.

The art works can be viewed on Thursday between 5pm and 10pm, and between 7pm and 12pm on Friday and Saturday.

As a platform for all artistic expression, which was set up by a group of like-minded enthusiasts, the Artsenal Inoxis space offers local artists a chance to showcase their works.

It also hosts film nights, painting courses, and open mic sessions on the second Saturday of the month, although this month's session has been rescheduled for Saturday 21 January due to the inauguration of the exhibition.