Art on Vinyl consists of 350 covers from the 40s until present day. / sur

Art on Vinyl exhibition in Fuengirola has some iconic album designs up its sleeve

The exhibition is a reminder of a time when the album cover was as much a part of the record as the music

Tony Bryant

Lovers of the old-fashioned long-playing records will enjoy a new exhibition at the municipal museum in Fuengirola.

Art on Vinyl is an exhibition consisting of more than 350 album covers from the 1940s until present day.

Although long-playing records - or LPs, as they are affectionately known - have virtually become a thing of the past, this new exhibition is a reminder of a time when the album cover was as much a part of the record as the music.

Album cover designs became big business during the 1960s and 70s, especially during the psychedelic era, when groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd relied on the talents of some of the top artists and photographers of the times to create striking covers for their latest musical offerings.

The album cover designers have themselves attracted a degree of fame thanks to their iconic design work and they deserve to be hailed for creating mini masterpieces that make an art form out of the album cover.

This collection of album covers – some iconic, others overlooked – includes art by Andy Warhol, famed for his work with some of rock and rolls greatest musicians; Ceesepe, an artist renowned for his indelible images during the La Movida pop movement of Madrid during the 1980s, and Picasso, sometimes referred to as ‘the first pop artist’.

Rock and roll imagery

The free exhibition of rock and roll imagery, which can be viewed until 24 April at the Museo de la Ciudad, is curated by photographer Antonio Lafuente del Pozo, whose idea is to show the interesting relationship that exists between artistic practice and music through the covers of vinyl records and also on posters and video clips.

Art on Vinyl is a journey through the pop music culture of the twentieth century and includes cover designs signed by outstanding artists like Dalí, Alberti, Lorca, Yoko Ono, Warhol, Hirst, and Banksy.

In addition to the exhibition, the Casa de Cultura and the Teatro Palacio de la Paz will offer of a complete programme of activities related to pop culture, including live concerts, documentaries and films, and workshops that teach the art of album cover design.

The concerts will include Spanish pop pioneers and leaders of the La Movida movement, Danza Invisible; Kiko Veneno, a musician who began his career collaborating with flamenco artists such as Camarón de la Isla; and José María Guzmán and Adolfo Rodríguez, members of the legendary pop group Cánovas.

These free events, which must be reserved in advance, will take place throughout February, March and April.