Glamjam perform the hits of the most illustrious glam-rockers. / SUR.

Nostalgic tribute to flamboyant glam rock

Tony Bryant

Those who remember the flamboyant era of outrageous costumes, makeup and hairstyles and bubblegum-pop influenced music will enjoy the glam rock tribute night at the Cazbah Live Lounge in Mijas Costa on Saturday 13 August.

Organised by Blitzglitznhitz, the event will present The Glamjam Band, an authentic 70s tribute band that includes former Bay City Roller John Hutch.

The group are renowned for their spectacular live act, a show which recreates a period that literally changed the face of traditional rock music.

The band, who have built a considerable following in Murcia, which is from where they come from, reproduce the hits of some of the most illustrious names in glam rock, a style that was to be the precursor of punk rock. These include The Sweet, known for hits such as Block Buster and The Ballroom Blitz; Alice Cooper, the godfather of shock rock whose hit records include Schools Out and Teenage Lament; and Marc Bolan and T Rex, one of the most flamboyant rockers of the era who topped the UK charts for six weeks with Hot Love.

The band also perform the hits of other celebrated bands of the 1970s, including Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo and Pink Floyd.

The show starts at 9pm and reservations can be made on 602 535 710.