Malou performed at Lucia Night last Tuesday will give the stage to her students this Friday. AMS
Holiday joy at a special Nerja concert

Holiday joy at a special Nerja concert

On Friday, 16 December, there is no better way to get excited about the festive holidays than to surround yourself by Christmas classics and even sing along to them



Thursday, 15 December 2022, 10:38


The concert at Los Huertos del Sevillano in Nerja promises to be special, and not only because of the theme - Christmas is coming. The stage will serve as an arena for singing students facing their fears, overcoming insecurity in front of an audience, and at the same time confirming their self-esteem and showing the results of a hard process finding your voice through experimenting - with different sounds and expressing emotions while fully understanding the meaning of a song.

Last April, the Dutch voice coach, Malou Swart, established her course for singing, or rather for finding your natural sound. Her group is a sort of reflexion of the national variety of the town. Malou's students are from the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Iran, amongst others. For several months, Malou has taught how to confront fears and how to believe in yourself, your ability. Approach of acceptance and allowance is considered very restorative healing, and empowering. The students are aware that for performing on stage it is important to find your safe spot, breathe, control your emotions, use the stage correctly, and to socialise.

Malou's students represent different countries.
Malou's students represent different countries. SUR

Malou will not sing on ight but she will be by her students' side symbolically and literally. She will accompany their singing by playing guitar and piano.

"On the night my students from all over Europe, are encouraged to show their talent and growth. The theme of the concert is Christmas, although also non-Christmas songs will be sung. I feel incredibly proud of them all, daring to put themselves out there in front of an audience, for most it's their first time. I wish for them is to enjoy and appreciate themselves, instead of wanting to sound perfect," Malou commented.

On 16 December, at Los Huertos del Sevillano. Nerja, Huertos Street, 33. Telephone. 952 52 41 38

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