Riogordo’s 16th century olive mill. Jennie Rhodes
La Molienda: celebrating Riogordo’s ‘liquid gold’

La Molienda: celebrating Riogordo’s ‘liquid gold’

The Axarquía village is able to hold a live festival this year after three years online

Friday, 10 February 2023, 10:52


La Molienda de Riogordo; the Axarquía village’s olive oil festival is back as a live event this year and is taking place on 25 and 26 February. The festival celebrates production of the village’s extra virgin olive oil, which is made mainly from the Verdial de Vélez variety of olive and is described as “liquid gold”. There are exhibitions, guided tours, including the use of a 16th century mill and a visit to the olive groves. An English version is taking place on 18 February, which is already sold out but has a waiting list. See Facebook: La Molienda de Riogordo for further information.

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