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Have a laugh in Malaga as stand-up comedy in English arrives in the city

Have a laugh in Malaga as stand-up comedy in English arrives in the city

Sheila Belo is a London-based comedian who packed her passion for comedy into her suitcase when she headed to the Costa del Sol

Jennie Rhodes


Friday, 8 March 2024, 10:34


Malaga Comedy – English Stand-Up Comedy in Malaga is the brainchild of Sheila Belo, a stand-up comedian based in London, who has been in Malaga since January.

The two nights that Sheila has already organised at the Escuela de Baile MalagaSalsa in the city's Cruz del Humilladero district have sold out and there are another three happening throughout March. Tickets are free and can be reserved on EventBrite. The performances start at 7.30pm.

Sheila, 51, who is originally from Rio de Janeiro, but has lived in London for 30 years, started doing stand-up in London last October after completing a six-week course at The Comedy Store in the UK capital.

She admits that she "had no desire to do stand-up" despite her friends telling her that she was funny. Eventually one friend dared her to go for it and, inspired by a quote Sheila had read that said you should "do things that scare you" - although she adds "within reason" - she decided to give it a try.

As the final week of the course was approaching Sheila confesses she didn't think she'd make it to the 'showcase' which all students do to complete their training.

She decided to call up everyone she knew and invite them to go and watch her; that way she knew she "had to get onto the stage". It paid off and Sheila says that from that moment she "became hooked". She has since been doing three or four nights a week in different clubs around London.

Sheila came to Malaga in January wanting to "escape the British weather" but wanted to continue with her new passion. However, she found that there was no English-language comedy, despite the large foreign community in the city. Sheila posted on foreign community social media groups and the feedback was instant. "There were lots of people interested in both watching and participating," Sheila says.

Around 10 comedians perform at each event and most do between five and seven minutes, with professional comedians doing between 10 and 15 and they even have a magician. Some of the comedians are Malaga-based and some fly over especially to take part.

Sheila says that the English-speaking community is "thirsty" for comedy and she's planning to return on a more permanent basis to build the comedy nights into a regular thing, with classes and workshops to help people starting out.

"There's already a group of people who would like to carry it on, but the barrier at the moment is to find a permanent venue. My dream is that it becomes a community, somewhere people can meet up and perform together. Comedy can help people with depression, loneliness and of course helping people to discover that they have a talent.

The next events are on Saturday 9, Saturday 16 and Saturday 23 March, all at MalagaSalsa.

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