Linda Gunn-Russell, Judy Farrar, Yanina Temple, Ann Westley and Clotilde Lechuga SUR
Malaga's botanic gardens provide setting for exhibition by four British women artists

Malaga's botanic gardens provide setting for exhibition by four British women artists


Linda Gunn-Russell, Judy Farrar, Ann Westley and Yanina Temple all live on the Costa del Sol and have been friends for many years

Monday, 6 March 2023


Around two hundred people attended the inauguration of an exhibition of mixed media by four English artists on Saturday 4 March at Malaga's botanic gardens.

Linda Gunn-Russell, Judy Farrar, Ann Westley and Yanina Temple, who all live on the Costa del Sol and have been friends for many years, have exhibited their work all over the world individually. However, this is the first time that the four women have exhibited as a group. The exhibition, 'Tras el vivir y el soñar', is curated by Clotilde Lechuga.

Using a range of media and materials, their art celebrates the beauty of the natural world while at the same time express deep concern about the effects of climate change.

Linda Gunn-Russell

Linda Gunn-Russell was born in London in 1953. She studied ceramics at Camberwell School of Art and graduated in 1975. After leaving university she designed and produced editions of work for shops and taught in different universities and night classes. In 1980 she explored working on one off pieces using sheets of clay and built a new body of work to exhibit. Since then she has exhibited cities including London, Oslo and New York and has work in public and private collections.

«Nature has informed and inspired my work, drawing on animal, plant and human forms throughout my creative life. The birds in this exhibition first came to life when we lost our freedom of movement during the pandemic.»

Judy Farrar

Judy Farrar was born in London and lives in Malaga city. She has a degree in Sociology and Economics and a postgraduate degree in Art Psychotherapy, both from the University of London. She has worked as a theatre designer, illustrator, community artist, teacher, journalist and research manager. Her sculptures have been exhibited in England and Spain.

«My sculptures explore the human form, specifically how a person's inner life can be seen through posture, gesture and physical expression. I work with a variety of materials - paper, concrete, wire, fabric and natural materials - and the structure and texture of the material are integral to the final piece. The sculptures in this exhibition explore the inextricable relationship between humans and the natural world, and how they are expressed symbolically in our dreams, and sometimes also in our nightmares.»

Ann Westley

Ann Westley was born in 1948. She graduated in Sculpture (Fine Art) and was awarded a Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship in sculpture in Rome in 1970. She published the book Relief Printmaking in 2000 and has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and the USA. Ann lives in the village of Cútar in the Axarquía.

«I prefer to paint exclusively in watercolour; this being an ecologically empathetic process compatible with my deep concerns for the natural environment, issues which I represent in my paintings. In several paintings I pay homage to certain indigenous artists, people in the Amazon, Australia and the Polar regions, people whose lives and homes are being eroded as trees are cut down, fires burn and ice melts. However, I want to create images that display an optimism and joy, essential counter balances to heal the extremes of damage all about us.»

Yanina Temple

Yanina Temple graduated in Textiles from Loughborough College of Art and Design, Leicestershire, in 1978. Since then she has taught at art schools and universities, but has continued with her own practice, which has ranged from creating textile work, papier-mâché, collage, jewellery and photography, with colour as a constant factor. She has taught workshops, exhibited and sold her work throughout the UK.

«We all know that the natural world is in peril and this beautiful planet has become my absolute focus through the vehicle of creative photography. Travelling the world is a constant source of inspiration for me.»

Photographs taken during Saturday's opening SUR
Imagen principal - Photographs taken during Saturday's opening
Imagen secundaria 1 - Photographs taken during Saturday's opening
Imagen secundaria 2 - Photographs taken during Saturday's opening

The exhibition, 'Tras el vivir y el soñar' is on at Malaga's Jardín Botánico - Histórico La Concepción until 30 March.

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