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Artist blacklisted by Russia brings tour to the Costa

Artist blacklisted by Russia brings tour to the Costa

Boris Grebenshchikov, one of the "founding fathers" of Russian rock music, will be performing in Estepona next week



Friday, 10 February 2023, 10:40


He is known as БГ ('Beh-Geh', after the initial letters of his name) and is associated with the rock epoch that was born in the Soviet Union despite the many restrictions and persecutions.

In the 70s rock music was considered as a western product and banned in the USSR. Nevertheless, in 1972, Boris Grebenshchikov founded the band Aquarium in which he was lead singer, although his music could only reach underground listeners.

Perestroika, in 1986, offered a new era of opportunity for rock musicians. That same year, Aquarium played in the USA and local record stores started selling their double album,Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the Soviet Union. The single Radio Silence was Grebenshchikov's biggest hit outside Russia, reaching number 7 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Chart in August 1989. Another English-language album, Radio London, was released in 1996. Aquarium reached London on 21 May 2007, when the band performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Now, five decades after he launched Aquarium, Boris Grebenshchikov has been banned in Russia again. In March last year, the BBC released War in Ukraine: Backlash in Russia Against Anti-war Musicians, featuring Boris Grebenshchikov as one of the list of artists who were no longer allowed to be played by one of the country's largest media companies, RMG.

It was Grebenshchikov's post on Instagram calling the war "madness" that led to the ban.

Last autumn he appeared on BBC Hardtalk talking about his opposition to the Russian intervention in Ukraine, his self-imposed exile to London, and his involvement with Dave Stewart to produce an anti-war record to support the people of Ukraine.

Boris Grebenshchikov will be on stage at the Auditorio Felipe VI in Estepona on Friday 17 February at 8pm, as part of his band's European tour.


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