Lamantin Beach Resort.
Lamantin Beach Resort. / FORBES
  • Dakar, Petite Côte and Siné-Saloum Delta

To visit Senegal is be immersed in the colour, vibrancy and creative culture of Africa; to experience the intensity of urban life, the authenticity of the people, and the wonder of its nature.


King Fahd Palace Hotel - Dakar

Five-star property favoured by Senegal's president. Seaview rooms and recently remodelled luxurious suites. Among the country's best meeting and conference facilities.

King Fahd Palace Hotel.

King Fahd Palace Hotel. / FORBES

Keur Saloum Hotel - Siné-Saloum Delta

Rustic lodge hotel in Toubacouta, in the delta national park. Modest accommodation in private circular, thatched cottages, with private pool and a restaurant. It's quite magical to sip a drink at the bar, as the sun sets over the delta, and the huge bats roosting in the rafters, swoop down overhead!

Lamantin Beach Resort & Spa - Saly, Petite Côte

World-class beach resort with luxury spa. Stylish contemporary rooms and suites, within traditionally styled cottages around a beautiful pool. The hotel's Blue Bay mini resort of 10 rooms with private beach access is ideal for an upscale family holiday. Since this is West Africa, expect to see the most spectacular sunsets.

The Rhino Resort & Hotel - Saly, Petite Côte

Well-established, and award-winning property, renowned for its spa.


Chevalier de Boufflers - Gorée Island, Dakar

Modest island hotel, with seafood restaurant with terrace overlooking the bay.

La Calebasse African Restaurant - Dakar

Upscale restaurant offering excellent Senegalese cuisine, accompanied by live music. Beautiful building decorated with striking artefacts and works of art.

Taverne du Pecheur - Joal-Fadiouth, Petite Côte

The Fisherman's tavern is right by the boardwalk leading to the shell island of Fadiouth. Wide selection of fish, seafood and traditional Senegalese cuisine.

Chez Rasta, Lagune de la Somone, Saly

Here the Caribbean and Africa collide at this colourful seafood restaurant right on the stunning lagoon that flows into the ocean.

A Senegalese street vendor.

A Senegalese street vendor. / FORBES


Museum of Black Civilizations - Dakar

This impressive Musee des Civilisations Noires, opposite the new Grand National Theatre of Dakar, opened in 2018. The vast halls are dedicated to black civilisations across Africa and beyond.

House of Slaves, Gorée Island - Dakar

This beautiful diminutive island is one of the best places to see the colonial architecture of Senegal. It is also the place where visitors learn about the horrors of the slave trade. Senegal is at Africa's most western point - closest to the Americas. It is also positioned between the north and south. In the 16th century this made Senegal a strategic colonial base for the trade, creating constant rivalry between the Portuguese, French, Dutch and British for control.

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Particularly moving is the 'Door of No Return'. Passing through it, to the palmwood pier beyond and the waiting ships, ready to set sail to North America, would be the last time the captured men and women would ever see their families, or Africa.

Ousmane Sow house & gallery - Dakar

One of Senegal's most celebrated artists, sculptor Ousmane Sow created extraordinary, larger than life sculptures, using unique techniques and combinations of materials. His former home in Dakar is now a gallery of his work.

Siné-Saloum Delta.

Siné-Saloum Delta. / FORBES

Village des Arts - Dakar

Senegal has a thriving arts scene, and few places showcase this better than the Village of Artists; a collection of more than 50 studios and an exhibitions space, where you can meet creatives.

African Renaissance Monument - Dakar

Said to be the tallest monument in Africa, this vast, almost Soviet-style structure is dedicated to Senegal's independence and the rebirth of Africa following colonialism.

Bandia Wildlife Reserve - Petite Côte

Private wildlife park where visitors can see antelopes, gazelles, elephants and rhino which roam grasslands amongst huge baobab trees. The restaurant makes for a good stop-off on a road trip heading south. Eating al fresco you are surrounded by abundant wildlife, including monkeys, warthogs, colourful birds - and at a safe distance, even crocodiles!

Accommodation is now available at Le Ranch de Bandia; new, private lodges with terraces that open directly onto the reserve, with views of the wild animals.

Island village on Fadiouth.

Island village on Fadiouth. / FORBES

Accro Baobab Adventure Park, Bandia, Petite Côte

A family-friendly park built amongst baobab trees, with challenges, obstacles and zip-lines. Suitable for children and adults.

Joal-Fadiouth - Petite Côte

An hour or so's drive south from the luxury beach resorts at Saly, is the fishing community of Joal, where you can take in the remarkable sight of the colourful fishing boats coming ashore.

Opposite Joal, reached by gondolas, or a narrow wooden footbridge, is a manmade island, Fadiouth, built up from millions of clam and mollusc shells. On the neighbouring island one finds a Muslim and Christian cemetery that overlooks the ancient wooden granaries that stand on stilts.

Fathala Wildlife Reserve - Siné-Saloum Delta

Fathala wildlide reserve.

Fathala wildlide reserve. / FORBES

Over 6,000 hectares of protected wilderness, renowned for its Western Giant Eland antelopes, as well as elephants, zebras and other quintessentially African game. Visitors can controversially 'walk with lions' that have become relatively tame. Accommodation is in luxury tented suites.


For more information about Senegal, ideas, and travel advice, visit the official tourism website, Visitez Le Senegal.

As one of Africa's safest countries, Senegal is ideal for adventurous, independent travellers. However, if you are looking for a package with guide, then CTA Incentive can also create tailored itineraries.