Malaga's Martín Carpena arena has previously hosted the Tour. / WPT

World Padel Tour to return to Malaga this summer

There will be stops in Marbella and Malaga city, as well as in Granada


The World Padel Tour will return to Andalucía this year, it was announced on Tuesday, 17 January.

The new season, which will get under way in February, will see the world's best players return to Malaga province, with both Marbella and Malaga city being chosen as host venues for the third consecutive year.

While the exact dates haven't yet been confirmed, it is expected that Marbella will host a Masters event in June, and Malaga an Open in July.

Granada has also been chosen as a host city for mid-April.

Arturo Bernal, the regional minister for Sport, was keen to point out that no country or region has been chosen to host three separate events in the same year, underlining the influence and importance of the Andalucía region on the world padel scene.