The world champions celebrating their win in Australia on the plane on the way back to Spain. EFE
Spain's world champion footballers tell federation they will not play for the national team

Spain's world champion footballers tell federation they will not play for the national team

The players are demanding more changes from the RFEF on the day that its former president, Luis Rubiales, appears before a judge at a Madrid court following the World Cup kiss on the lips controversy



Friday, 15 September 2023, 11:45


Spain's world champion footballers are refusing to play for the national team, in yet another scandal to rock the sport in recent weeks.

The players, who won the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup final in Australia last month, have told the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that they are not going to play for the national team despite the resignation of Luis Rubiales as president of the federation following the kiss on the lips controversy.

In a statement to the federation, the players maintained their position of not attending a possible call-up, despite the dismissal of former coach Jorge Vilda and the election of Montse Tomé, as the new coach. At 4pm this Friday afternoon (15 September), Tomé is scheduled to be presented as the new coach, at the same time she is due to announce the list of called-up players for the first two days of the Nations League.

The 23 internationals who played for Spain in the World Cup and more than 50 players who were left out, or who played at some point in the national team, signed a statement from FUTPRO, the football players' union, making it clear that they would not respond to a call-up to the national team "if the current leadership continued".

It comes after the controversy that erupted after Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips without her consent during celebration's of Spain's World Cup victory against England. He resigned earlier this week following an intense backlash and is due to appear before a court in Madrid today after Hermoso filed an official complaint.

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