View of the Rosaleda stadium from the south. SALVADOR SALAS
Renaming of La Rosaleda stadium considered in bid to boost football club's income

Renaming of La Rosaleda stadium considered in bid to boost football club's income

Malaga CF is negotiating different commercial options with various companies to obtain sponsorship for around 1.5 million euros


Friday, 5 August 2022, 18:13


Malaga CF football club is looking to raise a further 1.5 million income to complete their squad and look ahead to the new season, which kicks off next week.

There are various possibilities for advertisers, although one of the first options would be to change the name of the La Rosaleda stadium - something that many Spanish clubs have done.

In the negotiations that the club is having with different companies, the stadium renaming option is under careful consideration because it would represent a significant amount of money that would complement the set of advertisers that the team currently has.

The club's administrator, José María Muñoz, is now in talks with different companies to reach agreements in a short time. Sources consulted by SUR are hopeful about the results of these negotiations, with the club favouring an agreement with two or three companies, rather than with a larger group.

Any agreement by the club to improve its economic income must be finalised very soon, as the transfer market ends at midnight at the end of August.

Barcelona's ground is now known as the Spotify Camp Nou and Atlético's as the Civitas Metropolitano. One of the stadiums that has changed the most is that of Mallorca, the Son Moix stadium, which is now called Visit Mallorca Estadi, but was previously known as Ono Estadi or Iberostar Estadi.

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