Malaga players celebrate during a recent penalty shoot-out in the cup. ÑITO SALAS
Malaga women's team so far unbeaten

Malaga women's team so far unbeaten

The Blue and Whites are top of their league and are one of the best sides in the competition

Marina rivas

Tuesday, 7 December 2021, 14:41


Without a shadow of a doubt, the word 'impeccable' can be used to describe the Malaga women team's performance for the first half of the season. The side are in stunning form, winning eleven games so far and only drawing once.

They could finish the first part of the season undefeated when they visit Cecereño B on Sunday (12 December), before the month-long Christmas break.

The main reason for this stellar performance is the fact this is the first time the team have played in Primera Nacional, the third tier of women's football. Malaga Femenino were relegated last season following a diastrous campaign.

But the club didn't let that dampen their spirits. Instead, the club gained a more humble squad of players and new coaching staff, all of which has allowed for a healthier mentality than last season- and the team have benefited massively.


The Primera Nacional division is made up of seven groups of 14 teams (a total of 98 across the third tier). Malaga top their group with 34 points, seven clear of Badajoz in second place. The latter put the pressure on the leaders in their most recent game, which the Blue and Whites ended up winning 2-1.

That result has allowed Malaga to remain undefeated this season in the third tier, alongside Fundación Canaria, Tenerife and Valencia (all in different groups), as well as to pick up the second highest number of points and the best goal difference (+31).

Moreover, Malaga's 21-year-old striker Sonia Torralvo is the division's second highest goalscorer, with 12 goals to her name; the team also boast the third-best defence, conceding just six times in 12 games.


However, the players will not be rewarded for their efforts when the league campaign eventually ends. In the event that Malaga end up winning their group, they wouldn't be promoted to the second division, but to the newly created third division.

The Spanish Football Federation announced at the start of the season a major restructure to the women's football divisions.

The tier that Malaga currently play in, the third, will be downgraded to the fourth, while the Federation has created a new third division, made up of two groups of 16 teams, to which the Blue and Whites would be promoted.

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