The moment that Brandon shot the penalty that led to the Blue and White victory. /mariano pozo

The moment that Brandon shot the penalty that led to the Blue and White victory. / mariano pozo

Malaga triumph 1-0 against Tenerife

The Monday-night match saw Malaga craftily contain their opposition to add another victory to their haul


Malaga won 1-0 against their higher-placed rivals, Tenerife, at a match at La Rosaleda on Monday night.

This triumph was made sweeter by the fact that Tenerife is one of the most cohesive and airtight teams in LaLiga 2.

Throughout the match, the visitors had limited opportunities due to Malaga’s intelligent and masterful performance. The Blue and Whites were as strong in attack as they were in defence.

The home team had an electric start. Both teams took a chance on identical formations (4-4-2), which meant that the main objective was to find gaps and opportunities to break through the defensive lines.

Tenerife’s Rubén Díez, Enric Gallego, Mollejo and Elady manufactured an opportunity early in the match (which would have been invalidated by the VAR for offside in case of a goal), and Malaga cowered.

There followed ten minutes of fears, doubts and lack of ideas until Brandon scored a penalty in the 15th minute that put Malaga in the winning position.

From that moment until the end of the game, Tenerife retreated while the Blue and White team progressed steadily, with Jozabed, Roberto, Paulino and Brandon all working to create further opportunities to score.

The pairings of Escassi-Genaro and Juande-Peybernes were vigilant at the rear.

The second half was relatively quiet, with Tenerife playing timidly until Shashoua entered the field, waking up his teammates with more movement between the lines.

Coach José Alberto's men did all they had to do to maintain control of the match, keeping Shashoua well contained.

Monday night once again proved that the Rosaleda effect leads to victories.

Malaga are now seventh in the points table. Their next match will be at home on Saturday 20 November against Las Palmas.