Malaga CF fans proudly wear the new shirt Salvador Salas
Malaga CF retro shirt craze continues with 6,000 more snapped up in just a few hours

Malaga CF retro shirt craze continues with 6,000 more snapped up in just a few hours

Football fans have until 20 April to continue to pre-order the new 80s-inspired garment after several thousand quickly sold out less than a week ago

Antonio Góngora


Wednesday, 10 April 2024, 12:46


Thousands more retro shirts - launched by Malaga CF to commemorate the 120th anniversary of football in the city - have been snapped up in just a few hours.

SUR can now confirm 6,000 more shirts have been reserved and paid for in the first few hours of the first day of the latest campaign (more than 8,000). Malaga CF initially put 2,000 shirts on sale last week, but in just four hours, all available shirts of the first batch were sold out, surpassing the club's expectations and becoming one of the biggest sales successes in its history.

The majority of the fans were left without them, which encouraged the club and the shirt manufacturer to make more available. A pre-sale campaign was then launched on Tuesday morning on the Martiricos team's website. These shirts will arrive at the end of May or, for the last ones reserved, perhaps a little later, as the demand has been tremendous.

The shirts can still be purchased until the 20th of this month. Sources said they can't remember such a response to a shirt among the passionate Malaguista fans, not even the Champions League shirt sparked this much interest. Although the rate of pre-sales will decrease as the days go by, it's now unpredictable how many of these shirts will finally be sold. But the club has warned this will be the last chance to get your hands on one of them.

Club data seen by SUR shows the club's pre-sale campaign registered more than 4,000 sessions until Tuesday afternoon (9 April), which means the payment and reservation, making a conservative estimate, of more than 6,000 shirts.

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