A moment during the Ibiza-Malaga game. Agencia Lof
Malaga miss chance to rise above the danger zone

Malaga miss chance to rise above the danger zone

The Blue and Whites drew 1-1 with Ibiza on Sunday and both sides stay together in the bottom two places

Sergio Cortés

Monday, 12 December 2022, 12:19


Malaga CF came back from Ibiza on Sunday with yet another draw, remaining at the bottom of the league, ahead only of their latest opponents.

With both teams fighting to avoid relegation, Malaga failed to make the most of their advantage after going a goal ahead thanks to Chavarría in the 31st minute.

The Blue and Whites suffered very little in the first half, despite a lack of continuity in their play, but they failed to take advantage of this apparent superiority in the second half.

Instead of going all out to secure their lead with conviction, Malaga let their fears get the better of them. This gave Ibiza space to recover and the three points that Malaga had seen ahead of them disintegrated into one.

Malaga did virtually nothing in attack in the second half, with only Chavarría showing a hint of confidence.

The hosts' equaliser came in minute 71 from Cristian, breathing new energy into the Ibiza players.

Malaga's coach Pepe Mel responded by bringing on fresh players, however this only served to recover control.

The Blues and White had to make do with yet another draw and need to continue their battle to move out of the danger zone this Sunday 18 December at La Rosaleda when they receive visitors Alavés (kick-off 9pm).

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