Malaga await funds from CVC Capital to overturn transfer ban

Malaga await funds from CVC Capital to overturn transfer ban

The club hopes to reverse Fifa's decision and sign the players they need in January after the expected LaLiga cash injection

Borja Gutierrez

Thursday, 9 December 2021, 10:01

Malaga want to transmit a sense of calm and control to fans following the setback of a transfer ban imposed by Fifa. This week, the sport's governing body informed the club that they wouldn't be able to sign players until summer 2023, due to an unpaid debt (796,000 euros) with ex-player Cenk Gonen.

Fifa's 45-day appeal period ended just a few days ago, but club directors said that they were not aware of the sanction because the decision had been sent to an "unused" email address.

Malaga are confident that they can make the payment and have their ban- which wouldn't affect renewing current player contracts- lifted, after appealing the decision, as the club have no other option.

But the Blue and Whites don't yet have the money to pay off the debt. The club must wait for the cash injection (40 million euros) stemming from CVC Capital's deal with LaLiga, which is set to be approved on 10 December after garnering support from 38 of the 42 clubs involved.

Total confidence

There is total confidence that everything will go according to plan at the LaLiga assembly on 10 December. The deal with CVC Capital - which would see the firm receive 11% of the league's television rights in exchange for a one-off, 2.7-billion-euro payment - will get the go-ahead, despite votes against the proposal from Athletic Club, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Malaga are hoping that this cash injection will get this ban lifted. To the contrary, the decision by Fifa would severely impact the club's promotion plans for the coming seasons.



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