Francisco Valverde (R), the lawyer for the Small Shareholders Association of Malaga CF. SALVADOR SALAS
The Al-Thanis' non-appearance in court continues to create problems for Malaga CF

The Al-Thanis' non-appearance in court continues to create problems for Malaga CF

The absence of the sheikh and his three sons before the judge on Monday has opened the process to request international warrants for them to be arrested

antonio góngora


Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 14:09


The absence of the ousted owner of Malaga CF, Sheikh Al-Thani, and his three sons from yesterday's court hearing at a Malaga court, was widely expected. The family is currently being investigated for misappropiation, improper management and money laundering at Malaga CF.

Among those present in court yesterday were the public prosecutor; the investigating judge, María de los Ángeles Ruiz; and Francisco Valverde, the lawyer representing the Small Shareholders Association of Malaga CF (APA).

Valverde said that, following the no-show, Ruiz has opened proceedings to request international arrest warrants for the involved Al-Thani family members.

What next?

This will continue to hinder Malaga, as it means that the club's current impasse will be prolonged for an unknown period of time and any possible sale is delayed for the foreseeable future.

On paper nothing has changed, but the club remains under judicial administration, as it has been for the last two and a half years, and things will stay that way until legal proceedings with the Al-Thani family advance.

Malaga's current legal status has helped them achieve economic stability and a clean-up of their accounts, but that hinders their plans to grow the team at a sporting level, something in which the owners, still the Al-Thanis, have a final say.




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