Malaga CF shirt sales reach close to 2,000 in less than a month

The home top remains the most popular among fans, while the away strip has sold 500 units with under two weeks before the start of the season


Malaga have sold 1,900 shirts in less than a month after the three designs were put on sale. The home top has remained the most popular with fans with 1,300 sales, while the away strip has sold 500 units and the third has only 100 sales.

The figures are seen in a positive light by the club, which were described as "quite good". One key factor behind the sales was the switch to Hummel after a decade with Nike. The club expects the numbers to maintain the same rhythm and improve, which will also coincide with the start of the league in a fortnight.

Moreover, the signing of veteran striker Rubén Castro has excited a lot of fans, as some 130 people have bought a shirt with the striker's name printed on the back.

Positive numbers

Though the figures may appear to be, at a glance, underwhelming, the sale of nearly 2,000 shirts at a price of 70€ translates to 140,000 euros being injected into the club. It's far from a small amount of money, which means even more when paired with the close to 15,000 season ticket holders and the matchday revenue the club will rake in from mid-August.