González and Brea embrace after sealing the win. World Padel Tour
Malaga padel star Bea González clinches back-to-back titles for first time

Malaga padel star Bea González clinches back-to-back titles for first time

Alongside partner Delfi Brea, the 22-year-old followed up victory in the Malmö Open a fortnight ago with another win in Mexico

Marina Rivas


Monday, 27 November 2023, 07:21


Local padel star Bea González claimed victory at the Mexico Open on Sunday, ensuring a career first for the Malaga athlete who has now secured victory in back-to-back titles for the first time.

Alongside Delfi Brea, González saw off Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo (6-4 and 6-2) in Mexico City just two weeks after the pair were crowned champions at the Malmö Open.

With the absence of the world's number one pairing, Paula Josemaría and Ariana Sánchez, González and Brea came into the competition as favourites. This didn't weigh heavy on them and they progressed without incident to the final, where they were met by the revelation of the tournament: Riera (ranked 8th) and Icardo (9th).

Though they didn't enjoy their best game, González and Brea adeptly handled the pressure of a major final, maintained control despite the slower pace set by their opponents, and most importantly, demonstrated their ability to be decisive in crucial moments.

The Malaga native and the Argentinian overcame a closely contested first set, breaking the deadlock at 4-4 and imposing their more aggressive style of play to win 6-4.

They kicked off the second set strongly, leading 2-0 and gradually putting their opponents on the back foot, capitalising on inconsistency, especially from Icardo, to win the second set 6-2.

"I don't know if it's our finest moment but we certainly give it our all," said González following the game, praising her partner for "carrying the match on her shoulders".

Now, the pair have set their sights on ending the World Padel Tour season with victory in the Master Final taking place in Barcelona in mid-December.

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