Losing finalists Costa del Sol Málaga. BM Costa del Sol
Malaga handball team let trophy slip through fingers in tight Iberian Super Cup final

Malaga handball team let trophy slip through fingers in tight Iberian Super Cup final

The showpiece all-Spanish game in San Sebastián between Costa del Sol Málaga and Bera Bera had to be settled by penalties

Marina Rivas


Monday, 11 September 2023, 08:18


Destiny can be unforgiving, as proved on Saturday when Costa del Sol Málaga narrowly missed victory in a thrilling clash with Super Amara Bera Bera in the final of the Iberian Super Cup, a competition which brings together the best teams from Spain and Portugal.

The Malaga team reached the final, held in San Sebastián, after seeing off Madeira 30-27 in the semi-final.

And after dominating for over 60 minutes, following a 28-28 draw, they found themselves in a penalty shootout, where three missed shots sealed their fate, resulting in a heartbreaking 31-30 loss.

This showdown marked another chapter in the two teams' historic rivalry, with previous Super Cup finals decided by a single goal.

Despite the intense competition, Costa del Sol showcased an improved performance, displaying solid defence and creative attacks led by players like Rocío Campigli and Silvia Arderius.

The tension peaked at 28-28 with 43 seconds left, leading to the dramatic penalty shootout. Although Costa del Sol fought valiantly, luck favoured Bera Bera, who clinched the title.

While the Super Cup slipped through their fingers, Costa del Sol's impressive journey under coach Suso Gallardo continues, with eight finals in the last three years and five trophies in their cabinet.

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