Luis Rubiales hugs Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final in Sydney. Reuters
Former head of Spanish football slapped with three-year ban by FIFA for non-consensual World Cup kiss

Former head of Spanish football slapped with three-year ban by FIFA for non-consensual World Cup kiss

The body's disciplinary committee concluded that Luis Rubiales' kiss on the lips to Jenni Hermoso during the trophy presentation ceremony violated the dignity of the footballer

Ignacio Tylko


Wednesday, 6 December 2023


Luis Rubiales' fall from grace continues following his non-consensual kiss on the lips to player Jenni Hermoso during the celebration of the world title won by the Spanish national football team at the last World Cup held in New Zealand and Australia. As expected, FIFA's disciplinary committee has decided to ban him for three years for behaving in a manner contrary to the principles of dignity and decorum enshrined in article 13 of its regulations.

The long-awaited and extensive sentence of world football's governing body, which consists of 35 pages, means in practice that the former president of the Spanish Football Federation cannot have any relationship with federated activity during this period. This means that Rubiales will not be able to organise any matches, nor hold any positions in clubs or sports associations.

FIFA based its decision on the application of article 13 of its Disciplinary Code, which leaves no room for doubt. "Any person who violates the dignity or integrity of a country, a person or a group of persons by using derogatory, discriminatory or vexatious words or actions (by whatever means) on grounds of race, skin colour, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, language, religion, political position, wealth, place of birth or any other status or reason, shall be punished by suspension for at least ten matches or a specified period, or by any other appropriate disciplinary measure," states the rule.

It should be remembered that on 26 August, FIFA had already decided to suspend Rubiales for 90 days from all football-related activities at a national and international level. Therefore, the former disgraced head of Spanish football will be able to deduct this period of suspension from the final punishment.

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