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European rowing championships produces six medallists from Malaga

European rowing championships produces six medallists from Malaga

Real Club Mediterráneo from Malaga city had a particularly successful time at the event which concluded on Sunday in La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France



Monday, 4 September 2023, 18:20

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The European Rowing Coastal & Beach Sprint Championships came to a close this past Sunday in La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France, with several athletes from Malaga achieving notable success in both national team and club races spanning distances of four and six kilometres.

Representing Spain, the Benalmádena-born world champion, Adrián Miramón, clinched gold in both the solo and mixed double categories, partnering with Nadia Felipe from Alicante. Meanwhile, Celia Miguel of the Real Club Mediterráneo secured an eighth-place finish in the solo event.

At club level, the women's double team from Real Club Mediterráneo, Marta de las Heras and Celia de Miguel, achieved silver. Additionally, the Mediterráneo club claimed seventh place in the mixed quadruple sculls event (featuring Javier Madrid, Adolfo Ferrer, Mario García, Patricio Gutiérrez del Álamo and Paula Chova as the coxswain). Another seventh-place finish was attained in the men's double by Adolfo Ferrer and Javier Madrid.

Furthermore, the mixed double team comprising Marta de las Heras and Patricio Gutiérrez del Álamo, also representing the Real Club Mediterráneo, secured a bronze medal. In fifth position was a second boat from Mediterráneo with Antonio Pérez de la Cruz and Noor Al Hammouti.

In the beach sprint event, covering a distance of 250 metres in the solo category, Marcos Delgado from Mediterráneo claimed the runner-up spot in the youth division. Additionally, Adrián Miramón also earned a silver medal in the mixed double event, partnering with Nadia Felipe.

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