SUR in English readers enjoy a day out at the Cártama Oval



Monday, 28 March 2022, 11:07


The stakes were high and the atmosphere exciting as cricket fans enjoyed the penultimate day of the European Cricket Club Championships on Friday 18 March. Among them were 35 SUR in English readers, most of them retirees living on the Costa del Sol, who took the newspaper's complimentary bus to the Cártama Oval.

The day was action-packed, as the top five group-stage teams faced off against each other for a place in the final, in a total of ten games of five overs each.

This trip culminated a series of three, which took place over the course of the six-week-long championship tournament. A bus picked readers up from different locations along the Costa del Sol to bring them to the Cártama Oval, where they enjoyed a complimentary drink on arrival.

Speaking to SUR in English, various readers expressed how pleased they were to be enjoying cricket in Spain. They emphasised the social nature of cricket, and how strong friendships can be built through the sport. One reader, Alan, reminisced about his time playing friendly cricket games all over the world while working in the Merchant Navy, describing a particularly memorable game in a port in Iran.

Chris, another reader, explained that he used to play in local leagues in England, while fellow enthusiast Bob said he played football professionally, but enjoyed cricket at school. It's a small world, and Bob told SUR, "Funnily enough, the English team playing here is from the same place as me, Tunbridge Wells." With a bright future for the Cártama Oval, residents can look forward to more cricket on the Costa.




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