Campillos crowns 2021 Karting World Championship winners

Campillos crowns 2021 Karting World Championship winners

Finland's Tuukka Taponen and Japan's Kean Nakamura were fastest in races that were run in the wet



Friday, 5 November 2021, 11:49


Finland's Tuukka Taponen and Japan's Kean Nakamura lifted the world karting championship titles in the senior and junior categories, respectively.

The Championship was played out in the local Malaga town of Campillos, where over 1,200 motorsport fans congregated and enjoyed two exciting races that ended up crowning the new world champions.

The rain forced the event to be played out under wet conditions. The junior category was clearly dominated by the UK's Freddie Slater, but a five-second time penalty meant that the title ended up in the hands of Japan's Nakamura. Slater and Russian Anatoly Khavalkin completed a very high-level podium.

Malaga's Aaron García was the only Spaniard among the 36 drivers and ended the competition in 18th place.

Taponen took the top step on the podium in the senior category and had dominated the race with an iron fist, not giving his rivals a chance.

The fight to make it into the top three was tighter and ended with Italian Luigi Coluccio in second and the UK's Arvid Lindblad in third place.

Rubén Moya was the highest-placed Spaniard, in eighth, while 2016 world champion Pedro Hiltbrand ended in tenth place.

The mayor of Campillos, Francisco Guerrero, and councillor for Sport, Miguel Ángel Herrera, attended the event alongside the Junta de Andalucia's secretary of Sport, José María Arrabal, the president of the Andalusian Autosport Federation, Manuel Alonso Borbalán, the president of the Spanish Autosport Federation's karting commision, Ignacio Aviñó, and the owner of the Campillos circuit, Martin Reuvers.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, current president of the FIA's International Karting Commission and Fernando Alonso's old teammate at Ferrari, also took the time to attend and present the winners with their trophies. He also received a gift with the Campillos emblem on it as a token of appreciation from the town's councillor of Sport.

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