Baldizzone crowned Artistic Skating World Cup champion again

The Andalusian beat fellow skater Martina Nuti at the final event in Germany to solidify her place as the best solo dancer in the world


Fuengirola local Natalia Baldizzone became Artistic Skating World Cup champion in solo dance for the second time this year after finishing first at the event held in Göttingen (Germany) on Sunday.

This grand finale was the last international competition of the year. The previous World Cup rounds, which served as qualifier for Göttingen's final, were split in three separate events.

The 20-year-old skater had booked her place in the final thanks to her high score in the World Cup held in Trieste and had no reason to take part in the other events in Portugal and Brazil.

Lady Gaga and Bizet

In the first round, the Fuengirola local performed a routine to the tune of a Lady Gaga remix (the competition's theme was 'modern') and her performance had her in second place, trailing Italian Martina Nuti.

In the final round, which had a free theme, her elegant and brilliant performance with Bizet's Carmen as her choice of music convinced the jury that she remained the best and they crowned her world champion once again.

Thanks to this new title, Baldizzone has also managed to make her way to the top of the world solo dance rankings, which is the first time she has achieved the feat, as it's the first season the ranking has been used in the hope of expanding artistic roller skating, making it more professional and being allowed entry into the Olympic Games.

But for now, Baldizzone will continue her quest of completing what she believes is the hardest challenge: staying at the top, as she prepares for more competitions later this year.