Ismael wore the armband for the first time in Tenerife.
The Malaga players will still choose the next captain, but coach Pellicer will have his say

The Malaga players will still choose the next captain, but coach Pellicer will have his say

The club has now changed its policy, giving the coach more power compared to previous years


Tuesday, 6 October 2020, 17:00


In recent seasons the players have been, in the words of the club hierarchy, "the owners of the club". When it came to travel and hotel arrangements, the choice of food service and even the naming of the three club captains, the decision always lay with the players themselves. However, in the case of the latter, there will be a change in policy: head coach Sergio Pellicer will this time get final say over one of them.

Until now, the coach didn't have much say beyond what happens on the training ground and during match days. Now, though, there will be a slight shift to give the coach greater overall power. That said, decisions made by the coach will still require the backing of sporting director, Manolo Gaspar and the judicial administrator, José María Muñoz.

On the first match day this season, Pellicer sprung a surprise by naming young defender Ismael Casas as the captain, even with more senior players on the pitch at the time.

The coach said that he took the decision because the full-back has the necessary values for any player who wears the armband. The second to meet his criteria was another young defender, Juande, who took it over in Castellón when Ismael was substituted and retained it against Alcorcón.

Pellicer stressed that when the transfer window closes on 5 October, it's the players who choose the captains - though only two of them. This therefore leaves the door open for Ismael to remain captain for the remainder of the season.

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