Malaga to make 50 staff redundant in further bid to balance the books

Judicial administator José María Muñoz, left, at a recent game.
Judicial administator José María Muñoz, left, at a recent game. / Ñito Salas
  • The process of filing an ERE could take up to a month as the administrator looks to cut costs and restructure the club

As was expected, Malaga CF has announced that it will be starting a mass redundancy plan, in order to lay off around 50 workers as it attempts to balance the books with the added complications posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The official announcement came on Tuesday and the process is expected to take up to a month to finalise. This drastic reduction of workers will also lead to a restructuring of the club which will soon be divided into four major departments.

This collective dismissal, known as an ERE, will affect a large number of departments, although none of the club's players will be included. Negotiations will now begin with workers' representatives, with whom the club will have to hold several meetings to agree on the details of the process. There is a possibility that the figure of 50 redundancies could eventually be reduced.

This measure has been set in motion by the judicial administrator of the club, José María Muñoz, who is tasked with keeping the club solvent and avoiding La Liga sanctions which could include relegation. "Restructuring the club is part of a series of necessary measures to ensure the survival of Malaga CF," read the statement which announced the dismissals. "In recent months the club has been carrying out various measures to alleviate the difficult economic situation it is experiencing."

Message to the fans

In the same statement, the club called for understanding on the part of its fans: "The entity thanks the fans and season ticket holders for their support in these difficult times and asks them to understand the complex process that begins today [Tuesday] and which the entity will carry out in the coming months, whose only purpose is to protect the future of our colors and badge."

In addition to the layoffs, SUR understands that the structure of the club's staff will be reorganised in order to speed up operations. The club will therefore be divided into just four main departments, whose heads are already in place. Administration and finance will be overseen by Alberto Martínez; General Services and Business will be controlled by Carlos Arias; Sport will be led by Manolo Gaspar, who will oversee all of the club's teams, including the women's team; and Institutional Relations, Communication and Marketing will be headed by Ana Vera.