Richard Shaheen (right) at his long-awaited press conference on Friday.
Richard Shaheen insists his financial viability plan is already bearing fruit for the club

Richard Shaheen insists his financial viability plan is already bearing fruit for the club

Malaga's director general says that changes being undertaken had already raised two million euros


Friday, 17 January 2020, 16:36


Malaga director general Richard Shaheen insisted in a press conference on Friday that his viability plan for the club has already boosted the club coffers by two million euros.

According to the American, Malaga's operating expenses have been reduced by 939,158 euros, while income has risen by 953,000 euros. He explained that this had been achieved through the "review and revision of contracts", "increased sponsorships and partnerships" and "a new management structure to balance the budget until the end of the 2019-20 season".

He also stated that "La Liga has acknowledged that the plan is on track, and we are confident about the road ahead. Additional efficiencies are being added every day."

Just days after mentioning the "review and revision" of staff contracts, Shaheen took the decision to dismiss five club employees, including the heads of the commercial, marketing and communications departments. They were notified of the decision on Wednesday.

In Friday's conference, Shaheen also mentioned that the board of the club, made up of owner Abdullah Al-Thani and his children, had decided to suspend the payment of their salaries indefinitely. This sign of goodwill is unlikely to mend relations between the Qatari owner and Malaga fans, which Shaheen acknowledge had been damaged.

Meanwhile, the club's Association Minority Shareholders' case against Al-Thani, described by Shaheen as "a distraction", rumbles on in the courts. The case is attempting to remove the owner from the running of the club and replace the current management with a judicial administration. Their case suffered a setback on Thursday, when the presiding judge decided to reject the initial requests, insisting that there was not yet enough evidence to indicate that the club's dire economic situation pointed towards any crimes having been committed.

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