Javier Fernández captivates the Malaga public again

Javier Fernández, with a partner.
Javier Fernández, with a partner. / Germán Pozo
  • The Olympic figure skater started the second tour of his show Revolution on Ice at a packed-out Martín Carpena arena

If you thought it was difficult to thrill 10,000 people, imagine doing it for the second time just a year later. Revolution on Ice, the show created by the greatest figure skater in Spanish history, Javier Fernández, did just that. It captivated the masses inside the Martín Carpena arena in Malaga last Saturday.

He did it before at the end of 2018, but this show wasn't just a repeat - it was completely different; a whole new carrousel of emotions dreamed up by the Madrid-born former Olympian.

As if a fairytale, each of the 32 routines was introduced by a narrator. With sets ranging from humour to more extreme aerial acrobatics, each was set to popular music, either current or classic. All, though, had one thing in common - they all took place on ice skates, showing this is a sport like no other.

Fernández wasn't the only athlete present, he was accompanied by a dozen internationally renowned skaters such as Evgeni Pluhsenko, Javier Raya, Elladj Baldé, Jeffrey Buttle, Anna Capellini and Luca Lanotte.

There was also room for live music with performances from Aitana and Belén Aguilera to keep Fernández (and his adoring public) smiling.