When will masks be mandatory outdoors in Spain and what are the exceptions?

When will masks be mandatory outdoors in Spain and what are the exceptions?

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said that masks will not be required in natural surroundings, such as in the countryside or on the beach, or when doing sport outdoors

Enrique Miranda

Wednesday, 22 December 2021


Face masks will go back to being mandatory outdoors as well as indoors in Spain, the country's prime minister Pedro Sánchez, announced on Wednesday (22 December) after a meeting with regional presidents.

The rule comes into force on Friday 24 December, although there will be some exceptions.

People will not be required to wear face coverings in "natural surroundings", said the prime minister, referring the countryside and the beach, as long as a safe interpersonal distance can be maintained.

In fact by saying that masks would not have to be worn if a distance of 1.5 metres can be guaranteed, or when people are in their household groups, the prime minister opened the door to people not wearing masks in public parks, for example, if they are with their family.

In the case of towns and cities, another exception is for outdoor sports.

The previous obligation to wear a mask outdoors was lifted in June.

Now the country is battling its sixth wave of Covid-19, Sánchez did not say how long the rule would be in place for, but that it would be lifted "as soon as possible".




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