Meteorologists are waching to see how the anticyclone develops. / sur

Changeable weather, with the risk of heavy rain and storms in some areas, on the cards in Spain this week

Rain could affect a large part of the country but there is still uncertainty about the evolution of an anticyclone centred in the British Isles


The weather in Spain can best be described as ‘unstable’ this week. At the moment, there are showers and storms in many inland regions and they are especially heavy in Extremadura and the southern half of Castilla y León.

The atmospheric configuration depends on an anticyclone centred in the British Isles, favouring easterly winds, and “a pocket of high-altitude cold air will move from north of the Canary Islands to the Gulf of Cadiz. That will mean changeable weather, with clouds and the risk of rain and storms,” Roger Solé from the Meteored platform has explained.

The week has kicked off with the possibility of storms in the mountains of Toledo, central Iberia, Extremadura and some mountainous areas of Andalucía. Yellow weather warnings have already been issued for certain part of Huelva and Seville provinces.

The experts at Meteored are expecting more instability on Wednesday. “The rain will move from west to east through the centre and southern half of the peninsula, mainly affecting Castilla-La Mancha, inland Andalucía, Murcia, Valencia and the Balearics,” they said.

“According to our model, the showers will intensify on the Mediterrean coast between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, and could cause problems in the eastern region and the Balearic Islands”.

Weekend showers

At the end of the week, cold air from the British Isles could make its way to the Iberian peninsula and rain may affect much of the country, although the meteorologists stressed that there is still uncertainty about its direction of travel.

In Malaga, the possibility of showers is 45% on Saturday and 40% on Sunday, according to the Spanish weather agency Aemet. Temperatures will drop slightly, with highs of between 25C and 27C.